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mIRC 7.38


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mIRC 7.38  Änderung der Registrierung

* Added STARTTLS support using the CAP tls protocol.
* Fixed switchbar/treebar display bug that caused windows to be displayed in the wrong order.
* Added Shift-F3 key support in Scripts Editor to search backwards through text.
* Fixed timezone/daylight savings bug that was affecting timestamping and time/date identifiers.
* Changed $sound() to use the TagLib library for improved reading of MP3 and other media file formats.
* Updated the default DCC accept and ignore file types lists.
* Changed $input() to allow entering of longer text and limiting text entry to maximum length.
* Fixed DCC Get window not being updated when a resume begins.
* Fixed DCC Chat speech bug that caused text in a DCC Chat window not to be spoken.
* Added $envvar(N/name) identifier with .name and .value properties to return environment variables.
* Changed /server to search servers list using combination of server address, group, and description.
* Updated libraries to PCRE v8.36 and OpenSSL 1.0.1j.
* Other changes and bug fixes.

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