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mIRC 7.27


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mIRC 7.27  Änderung der Registrierung

This is a small update that addresses a number of issues reported by users since the last release. It includes improvements, changes and fixes to a number of features, including:

  • A "Mark As Read" option has been added to the treebar, switchbar, toolbar and MDI popup menus to allow you to clear all flashing/highlighted windows.
  • The $hfind() identifier has been extended to allow results to be saved to a @window listbox or passed to a command.
  • An SSL connection issue has been fixed that prevented mIRC from connecting to servers with certificates that used unrecognized date formats.
  • A hotlink display issue has been fixed that caused text to flicker when hovering the mouse over a link.
  • SSL support for Subject Alternative Names (SAN) has been added when verifying whether a certificate is valid for the connection.
  • A number of issues with the reload logs feature have been fixed, including incorrect line indentation and missing lines at the end of a log in some situations.
  • An issue with the split long messages feature has been fixed which occurred when handling color formats in some contexts.
  • An Address Book bug that prevented removal of an existing timed unignore has been fixed.
  • The way incremental search works in channel nickname listboxes has been changed so that it behaves more like Windows explorer.
  • The /localinfo -p option has been changed to use a random UPnP port outside the first 1056 services port range as some routers block these ports.
  • An $inellipse() bug caused by a compiler optimization issue has been fixed.
  • Other changes and bug fixes.

In total there have been around 27 changes to this version and although most of them are only small fixes and tweaks, we hope that they result in a more useful and stable mIRC for you.

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