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mIRC 6.14


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mIRC 6.14  Änderung der Registrierung

  • Fixed /links -n not minimizing window.
  • Fixed tooltip gpf bug.
  • DCC send/get results are now always displayed in the status window.
  • Non-custom @windows are now displayed in their saved positions on multi-monitor setups.
  • Fixed /write -lN running out of temporary filenames error bug, also affected a few other file related commands.
  • Fixed dcc received files menu when dcc folders changed in options dialog.
  • Fixed move server to top on connect option not working in some situations.
  • Fixed script editor not saving current editbox contents when current/another file is loaded/unloaded.
  • Added match method option in log view dialog.
  • Increased zeropad max value in $base() to 100.
  • Fixed $matchkey in on open event.
  • Improvied $addtok() $deltok() handling of $null.
  • Fixed handling of ini files when system file attribute set.
  • Fixed $+() handling of $null.
  • Fixed fill switchbar display bug with vertical switchbar.
  • Fixed dcc send/get timeout display bug.
  • Fixed gpf bug caused by /close in an on CHAT event.
  • Fixed send buffer overflow gpf when sending many commands to a server in a script all at once.
  • Fixed daylight savings time offset bug.
  • Moved port range to connect/advanced dialog, now applies to all connections.
  • Fixed editbox gpf bug when tab completion results in long text.
  • Tooltips now correctly use system tooltip font.
  • Fixed bug in /ignore and isignore when using/checking for applied switches.
  • Added /cnick -sN switch, sorts item into Nth position.
  • Fixed custom dialog icons display bug.
  • DCC ports range is no longer limited to 1024 and above.
  • Fixed nicknames being added to tab key list even if incoming message was ignored.
  • Fixed ctcp resume message not including original filename.
  • Fixed address book whois display bug.
  • Fixed /fopen not being able to open read-only files.
  • Fixed get active url feature in url editor dialog.
  • Fixed /qmsg and /qme display bug.
  • The $read() and $readini() identifiers no longer parse command separators by default. Added \'p\' switch to enable this.
  • Fixed shift+control+v combination resulting in double-paste.
  • Fixed /ignore -w not removing network from an existing ignore item.
  • Fixed auto-get if file exists settings being applied even if auto-get wasn\'t enabled.
  • Fixed $send().resume returning incorrect value.
  • Fixed fileserver filename handling bug.
  • MDI window no longer displays horizontal/vertical scrollbars.
  • Switchbar now allows up to eight lines in height.
  • Fixed multi-threading gpf and memory loss issues.
  • Added reload logs feature to logs dialog, works with channel and chat windows. Loads up to the maximum window buffer value specified in the options/other dialog.
  • Updated libraries to zlib 1.2.1.
  • Added support for openssl. The libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll openssl 0.9.7c dlls must be downloaded separately from mIRC and placed in the mIRC folder. mIRC will load the dlls automatically if it finds them. $sslready can be used to determine whether mIRC has loaded the dlls successfully.

    To initiate a secure connection to an SSL capable server, you can use the /server -e switch, or prefix the port number with a plus sign, eg. +7001. $ssl can be used to determine whether a connection is secure or not.

    SSL settings can be found in the Connect/Options dialog, and are visible only when openssl dlls are loaded.

  • Fixed $submenu() bug when returning $null for the begin menu item.
  • Fixed script parser bug when handling ; and rem comment prefixes in some situations.
  • Fixed $highlight(text) case-sensitivity bug, and added a .cs property.
  • /echo can now target an open dcc chat window even if the dcc chat session has ended.
  • Fixed /filter gpf bug when /filter was being called a second time in the filter sort alias.
  • Fixed /unset not properly clearing a variable that was set with /inc -c.
  • Fixed bug with paste confirmation dialog, text was being pasted as a command even if the control key had been pressed.
  • Fixed server edit dialog allowing multiple entries with the same description.
  • Lines in listboxes are now the same height as those in the text display area in windows, allowing them to be aligned.
  • Fixed $com() dispatch pointers bug. You can now make mIRC create a new $com() object by specifying a dispatch* item as the last parameter in a $com() call, without a value.
  • Added lock option to disable /com features.
  • Fixed agent bug in ignore line if percentage of the line was non-text, if enabled it resulted in most lines not being spoken.
  • Added backup file on save option to editor.
  • /.hop now hides display of hop message.
  • The /echo -sa swiches can now be used at the same time.
  • The /echo -bfh switches now affect custom @windows.
  • The recent servers list is now stored in [recent] in servers.ini and remembers servers that aren\'t in the servers list.
  • Fixed multi-server bug which may have caused a gpf/freeze in some situations.
  • The switchbar now displays scroll buttons when it is vertical and unable to fully show all windows. The mouse wheel can be used to scroll through the window list.
  • Fixed line marker bug, failed to behave correctly after a /clear.
  • Fixed Alt-Switchbar button bug when windows for a Status window were hidden, closing the status window was not re-displaying hidden @windows.
  • Fixed /msg chopping channel name at 60 characters.
  • Added /filter -z switch, remembers line color when copying from one @window to another.
  • Added $line().color property, returns line color.
  • Fixed fileserver dcc get bug.
  • Added dialog option to enable/disable the nick colors list.
  • Fixed $fline() regex case bug.
  • Fixed $cnick() bug resulting in non-match when modes were used.
  • Fixed on sockclose event triggering twice in some situations.
  • Added /server -jn switch where \'n\' minimizes joined channels.
  • Fixed mark/copy right-click over editbox bug.
  • Fixed /scid -a gpf bug when used with /window -c.
  • Added Sort dialog to Window Menu, allows you to specify the sort order of Switchbar buttons and Windows.
  • Fixed tabkey channel completion with non-# channels.
  • Fixed /fseek regex gpf bug on long lines of text.
  • Fixed right-click titlebar roll/unroll bug.
  • Changed switchbar sort buttons behaviour. Buttons are now always sorted into groups. However if the sort option is turned off, they are sorted according to creation time within groups as opposed to alphabetical sorting.
  • Fixed various multi-byte display/mark/copy bugs and improved SJIS/JIS support.
  • Fixed $line() not working with channels list window.
  • Added None sort method to channels list popup menu, displays channels in the order sent by the server.
  • Script errors can now be caught by adding an :error goto point to your script. When an error occurs, the script will jump to :error and continue running.

    $error returns the error message. You can reset the error with /reseterror. If you don\'t reset the error, it will propagate backwards to any calling aliases until an :error is found and will halt the script.

  • Improved text scrolling in windows to avoid jumps after lines rewrap.
  • Fixed while loop /continue bug in nested while loops.
  • Query/Chat windows now remember their individual font settings, also added use default option to font dialog.
  • Fixed bug in random server port selection while connecting.
  • Added /loadbuf -nm switches, where -n logs the loaded text to the log file (if logging is enabled for that window). The -m switch indicates that the loaded text is already time-stamped.
  • The find dialog in the script editor now automatically uses the word at the cursor.
  • Added right-click popup menu for URL List toolbar button.

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