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mIRC 7.31 (Beta)


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mIRC 7.31 (Beta)  Änderung der Registrierung

  • Fixed editbox buffer bug that was not storing an edited line if you pressed the up key.
  • Fixed incremental search not working correctly in channels list window.
  • Changed email catcher to be more strict when determining whether something looks like an email address.
  • Fixed installer issue that may been the cause of popups.ini files being overwritten in some situations.
  • Added installer command line options /DESKTOP, /NODESKTOP, /STARTMENU and /NOSTARTMENU to enable/disable creation of shortcut icons.
  • Added "On Top" menu item to the View menu as users have difficulty finding it in the system menu when it is enabled.
  • Changed the "File changed" dialog so that it is closed automatically if a load/reload command applies to the same file.
  • Extended $encode/$decode to support blowfish. By default, the method is compatible with OpenSSL and uses CBC, key hashing, a random salt and PKCS#5 padding (see versions file for more details).
  • Fixed SSL caching bug that may have required repeat acceptance of certficates on some networks. The cache now stores the IP address of the associated certificate.
  • Changed connection retry method so that if a connection attempt to an SSL server fails, and the server is part of an IP pool, the next retry will use the same SSL port.
  • Enabled DPI awareness to prevent Windows applying display scaling to mIRC. This should resolve the blurry interface and font issues when non-standard DPI display settings are used. A number of GUI-related features needed to be updated to cater for this change, eg. fonts now use internal defaults of points versus logical sizes. This may affect scripts that use dialogs and /draw on systems with non-standard DPI settings.
  • Fixed drag-drop bug that may have caused a gpf when switching windows between MDI/desktop mode.
  • Added MONITOR protocol support for the notify list. mIRC will use MONITOR automatically if it is listed in the 005 numeric.
  • Fixed "Check for update" dialog display bug that occurred when the connection to the website timed out.
  • Fixed $& indentation bug in scripts editor dialog.
  • Changed notify list to dynamically switch between WATCH/MONITOR and ISON when the number of nicks in the notify list is within/beyond the WATCH/MONITOR limit set by the server.
  • Optimized switchbar and treebar display speed.
  • Fixed switchbar "auto" lines feature being disabled when switchbar is repositioned. It is now only disabled if switchbar is resized vertically.
  • Fixed timestamp bug that may have caused a gpf in some situations if your timestamp was very long.
  • Fixed timestamp part of a message not being wrapped correctly when message is initially displayed in a window.
  • Fixed mIRC not handling mouse buttons correctly in some situations if the user's system is configured to swap mouse buttons.
  • Changed the way the window buffer is trimmed when it reaches the maximum number of lines set in the Options/Other dialog.
  • Added /close -lk to close channels list and links list windows, however note that channels list window cannot be closed if it is currently listing.
  • Optimized SSL routines.
  • Added SSL identifiers $sslversion, $ssldll and $ssllibdll.
  • Added logging dialog option to enable/disable automatic logging of status windows.
  • Changed reload log feature so that it is enabled by default for channels and chats.

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