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mIRC 3.1


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mIRC 3.1  Änderung der Registrierung

  • Added /ctcp $* performs command on all parameters.
  • Remembers if main window was iconized.
  • Added finger popup for finger window.
  • Fixed mistake in graphics routine. Update is now faster.
  • Windows open up in a more windows like fashion now.
  • User listbox now lists all people on large channels.
  • Using main menus under certain setups wasn\'t working properly.
  • Cancel away on keypress now ONLY cancels if you say something in a channel or a query.
  • Fixed finger client so can finger VMS hosts etc.
  • Added new user warning about mirc.ini file.
  • Can now do aliases such as: /laugh /me laughs at $1\'s joke
  • Added timeout to chat/get confirm dialog.
  • DCC sessions now show only a nickname.
  • USER login to IRC was working but not correct.
  • Improved Editbox: Can now enter multiple lines with a paste and they will be sent correctly.
  • Fixed Auto-Op wild-card routine.
  • Fixed beeping when windows are maximized & windows don\'t scroll.
  • Fixed small bug in /join command, now allows key.
  • Notify now tells you if no one in your list is on IRC.
  • Added User info window as the command /uwho .
  • Internal reorganization and cleaning up.
  • PASS password to server was incorrect.
  • Added /msg =nickname for dcc chat.
  • Added /play command.
  • Added /describe command.
  • Major improvement of screen update, speed has more than doubled.
  • Added option to use windows colours.
  • DCC Send by remote is automatically minimized.
  • Now tries three different ways to get local host and ip address.
  • Red rectangle is drawn around icons of windows with pending messages. For Windows 95 the iconized window flashes instead.
  • Now changed so that can have only ONE chat session with the same user.
  • If user replies to a /dcc chat request by initiating another dcc chat then mIRC treats this as an acceptance of it\'s own request.
  • You can now ignore addresses as well as nicks.
  • Remote DCC\'s close windows automatically on finish.
  • Added DCC timeout options.
  • Added #string parameter to /list command.
  • Fixed problem with moderated channels and +nicknames.

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