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mIRC 6.2


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mIRC 6.2  Änderung der Registrierung

  • Undid changes that made the display smoother since slower computers where unable to cope. The display now flickers a bit as in previous versions.
  • Changed mark/copy behaviour so that it works like it did in previous versions.
  • Fixed various $regsubex() bugs.
  • Fixed switchbar not displaying at least first character of a window name when ellipses are appended.
  • Extended /did to support a long list of ids as opposed to only up to 256 characters.
  • Fixed agent speech being interrupted when Options dialog is closed.
  • The Channel/Message beep settings in Options/Sounds are now applied to all windows when the Options dialog is closed.
  • Fixed bug with Control+F find dialog in desktop windows.
  • Fixed bug with active window not being internally set correctly in some situations.
  • Fixed /window -t width measurements being smaller then previous versions, changed back for compatibility.
  • Fixed /localinfo incorrectly displaying DNS messages.
  • Extended /drawpic -gN switch, where N = 1 for small icon, 2 for large icon, and 3 for actual icon.
  • Changed $findfile() so that it works as fast as in past versions if the new semi-colon feature is not used. The semi-colon feature is now also somewhat faster.
  • Fixed change in / commandline parsing behaviour.
  • Fixed text measurement bug which was affecting /drawtext, $height(), $width(), and $wrap().
  • Fixed Control+K bug in channel central topic when clicking on color dialog to insert a color number.
  • Fixed $longip() bug.
  • Fixed UTF-8 bug when parsing notice, privmsg, and other commands that contained comma-separated nicks as the target.
  • Fixed SSL security dialog display bug when using /sockopen and SSL.
  • Added $sock().addr which displays original named address if one was used, and /socklist now also displays the named address.
  • Fixed /names list display being truncated when a UHNAMES list is returned with full addresses.
  • Fixed SSL gpf bugs related to threading issues.
  • Fixed auto-hide nicklist not hiding when mouse is moved outside of the channel window.
  • Added /clearall -a switch, applies to window on all connections.
  • Added /timer -d switch, ensures that a timer and any subsequent timers using the -d switch are triggered in that order.
  • Fixed $iel()/$iil() bugs.
  • Changed $me in on NICK messages so that it refers to your old nick as in previous versions.
  • Fixed bug in /dde connect parsing.
  • Fixed decrease in picture @window display speed.
  • Copying text from both a UTF-8 display or encode enabled window now copies the text as unicode to the clipboard.
  • Fixed /filter color bug when filtering text windows.
  • Fixed bug relating to the order in which SJIS/JIS and UTF-8 encodings are applied when both options are enabled.
  • Fixed $regsub() parsing bug.
  • The $rawmsg identifier now works in the on CHAT event.
  • Fixed flood protection bug, was UTF-8/SJIS/JIS double-encoding text that was queued.
  • Fixed switchbar button text color bug.
  • Channel Folder now shows channel description alongside channel name.
  • Fixed horizontal scrollbar being too long in all listbox windows in mIRC.
  • Fixed an old bug in the /flush command not parsing the -l switch correctly.
  • Added $did().isid property, returns $true or $false depending on whether the specified id exists in the dialog.
  • Added custom dialog listbox property adio, creates listbox of radioboxes.
  • Pressing spacebar in custom dialog listbox of checkboxes now checks or unchecks all selected items.
  • Fixed spacebar not working in mIRC Options dialog treelist.
  • Added Match only whole words option to Agents Lexicon dialog.
  • Added $editbox().selstart/selend properties, return start and end of selection in editbox, and /editbox -bNeN, set the start and end of the selection.
  • Added on TABCOMP event, triggers when a user presses the TAB key in an editbox and mIRC is about to perform tab completion. Halting the event prevents mIRC\'s default tab completion.

    on *:TABCOMP::echo event: $event target: $target line: $1-

  • Can now specify a range of ids in on dialog events using a dash, eg. on 1:dialog:name:event:1-5,6,7-8,9-11,10: { ... }
  • Fixed multibyte editbox cursor display bug when switching between windows.
  • Tabbing into the editbox in the Editor dialog no longer selects all text in the editbox.
  • Fixed old bug in users list IP address/wildcard matching in remote events.
  • Fixed /drawscroll bug.
  • Fixed switchbar button hottracking display bug.
  • Fixed an empty $calc() halting a script with no error message.
  • Changed behaviour of Recent Channels menu in favorites so that it is now network-based as opposed to server-based, ie. if you have several connections open to the same network, the Recent Channels list is shared between them.
  • Added custom dialog icon options, can now specify small, large, or actual in icon dialog definition.
  • The on ^HOTLINK event now triggers on right-click, use $mouse.key to check for right mouse button.
  • Added /run -h switch to hide the application being run.
  • Fixed bug in /drawtext -bp where -b was not being parsed correctly with the -p switch.
  • Added support for UTF-8 display font substitution/linking, option enabled by default in IRC/Messages dialog, should allow mIRC to display all characters regardless of the font you are using, assuming you have the required fonts on your system.
  • Fixed UTF-8/Multibyte text-wrapping display bug.
  • The $regml() identifier can now be used inside $regsubex().
  • Fixed /font -z not affecting custom @windows.
  • Added $activewid, $lactivewid, and $leftwinwid identifiers.
  • Channels Folder now displays UTF-8 channel names and desciptions correctly.
  • Fixed window listboxes display bug with horizontal scrolling.
  • Pressing Control+A in the URLs list and in custom @window listboxes now selects all items.
  • Fixed /scon /scid display bug when invalid id is used.
  • Fixed font dialog not setting font for minimized windows.
  • Custom DLLs are now delay-unloaded to allow subclassing DLLs to work better. The UnloadDLL routine is still called at the same point as before.
  • Script editor now has minimize/maximize buttons.
  • Pressing spacebar in the Lock dialog checkbox list now correctly checks/unchecks an item.
  • The toolbar can now be repositioned to top/bottom/left/right of main mIRC window.
  • Fixed Control+Break handling in scripts.
  • Added /loadbuf -a switch to load text into active window.
  • The $com() identifier now uses utf8 internally and the .result property now returns utf8 text, when necessary.
  • Added $cb(N,u) option, returns utf8 text.
  • Fixed /splay not handling \\\\network directory format.
  • Fixed nick/url/etc. right-click popup menu not working if text in window scrolled while popup menu was visible.
  • Fixed installer default folder bug under xp64.
  • Updated library to PCRE v6.6, which supports limiting the regex recursion depth. This prevent gpfs caused by runaway expressions.
  • Fixed /drawcopy -n not updating window when no parameters are used.
  • Fixed /sockread -nf bug, switches were not being parsed correctly.
  • Buttons in top/bottom position switchbar are now wider by default.
  • Fixed bug in Options dialog. When there were many channel/query/etc. windows open the Options dialog would take a long time to close.
  • Fixed focusing bug when using Alt+N to switch to Nth window right after a window opened in a minimized state.
  • Fixed $sfile() bug with some file name formats.
  • Extended $os to handle Vista.
  • Fixed bug in popup menu parsing when text contained { character.
  • Invisible mode connect option is now enabled by default.
  • Added a Treebar which lists connections and open windows, much like the switchbar. It behaves like the switchbar in many ways as well, eg. Shift/Control + left-click support, icon blinking, etc. and uses various switchbar settings in the Options/Dialog.

    Right-clicking on an item pops up the usual system menu for that window. Right-clicking in an empty area of the treebar pops up a menu with various display options.

    The treebar width can be set by dragging the border with the mouse, and the background and text colors can be set in the colors dialog.

  • The right-click popup menus for the Toolbar/Switchbar now offer options that were removed from the Options/Display dialog. The Switchbar can now be resized by dragging the border of the bar with the mouse.
  • Fixed right-click popup menu bug where menus were being wrongly displayed when clicking on window borders.
  • Fixed switchbar display bug when scrolling with mousewheel.
  • Fixed regex bug which was truncating long results instead of returning a string too long error.
  • Fixed /server gpf bug with long parameters.
  • Added /window -D switch, allows toggling of desktop/mdi setting for custom @windows via system menu.
  • Added $fline().text property.
  • Added /exit -nr switches, -n disables confirmation dialogs, and -r restarts mIRC.
  • Extended /window -nN switch, if N = 2, minimizes window without auto-expanding its item in the treebar.
  • Fixed / and /! not being treated as text with Control+Enter.
  • Added Up/Down sort buttons for Options/DCC/Folders dialog to set order of matching.
  • Added Minimize mIRC on close option to Display/Windows dialog.
  • The Reload logs feature in the logging dialog can now be set separately for channels and chats.
  • Fixed bug in the Line colors feature in the logging dialog, the default line color is now reset correctly if colors are used in the line.
  • Fixed minimize option in DCC Send dialog not being applied immediately to current dcc send.
  • Added vertical tile option to toolbar and window menu, and to auto tile section in Window/Group dialog.
  • Added /abook -wncl switches, open the different tabs in the address book dialog.
  • Added Preserve nicks feature to Connect/Options dialog. If enabled, mIRC will use /tnick internally to ensure that your nicknames in the Connect dialog remain static. Also added /mnick command to change your main nickname.
  • Added Include desktop windows to the Display dialog. If disabled, desktop windows are not displayed in the switchbar.
  • Extended /window -wN switch, where 0 = hide from switchbar/treebar, 1 = show in switchbar, 2 = show in treebar, 3 = show in both.
  • Fixed hotlinks not handling nicknames with multiple prefixes.
  • Default colors are now stored internally in mIRC and are written to mirc.ini if no colors are found.
  • Default wav/mid/etc. dcc folder item is now only re-created if no extensions section is found in mirc.ini.
  • Extended SendMessage() support. The lParam value can now be used to create a uniquely named mapped file. Where lParam = N, the mapped filename is mIRCN. If lParam is zero, the filename is mIRC, as in previous versions.
  • Added Auto option to Switchbar lines setting in Options/Display dialog. Auto-expands switchbar as number of buttons changes when switchbar is in top/bottom position.
  • Added Multi-line toolbar option to Options/Display dialog.
  • Added /toolbar command, allows modification of toolbar buttons.
      /toolbar -aidmsxkNnNzNebwhyNurctplor [N] [x y w h] [/alias] [popfile|@]

      -a = add button
      -i = insert button at position [N]
      -d = delete button at position [N] or
      -m = move button to position [N]

      -s = separator
      -x = wide button

      -kN = use when adding button to make it a check button check/uncheck with N = 1 or N = 0

      -nN = icon index in picfile
      -zN = icon size, 1 = small, 2 = large, 3 = actual

      -eb = enable/disable button [N] or
      -wh = show/hide button [N] or

      -yN = set transparency (0 to 255) for button [N] or

      -u = update display immediately
      -r = reset buttons
      -c = clear all buttons

      To update properties for an existing button:

      -t = tooltip
      -p = picfile
      -l = alias
      -o = popup

      name = unique name assigned to button/separator, it cannot be a number

      tooltip = text displayed when the mouse hovers over button

      picfile|@ = picture filename or picture @window min 16x16, max 256x256 pixels

      x y w h = position in bitmap and size of bitmap to use not for use with icons

      /alias = command performed when button pressed, $!1 = name popupfile|@ = popup filename or @menu name

      The tooltip, picfile, alias and popup can be enclosed in quotes if necessary. To clear an item use \ empty quotes.

      $toolbar(name/N), if N = 0 returns number of buttons

      Properties: name,type,tip,alias,popup,width,height,wide, enabled,visible,checked,alpha

      Note: modifying some of the default mIRC buttons, such as Connect, Notify, etc. may not always work since they are managed by mIRC. They can however be deleted.

  • Fixed /signal -n bug, was allowing $? dialog in server event.
  • Fixed /!.var conversion to /set -l, was not using the !. prefixes.
  • mIRC now stores a [success] section in servers.ini that lists servers that were connected to successfully. When you later connect to a server group, the success list is used to prioritize server connection attempts. Clear History via the servers list popup menu clears this list.
  • Fixed various multi-monitor right-click mouse button bugs.
  • Added /help and /winhelp support for .chm files.
  • Added aline/iline/sline/etc. -t switch, forces a re-wrap of all lines in a window that have not yet been wrapped to the current window size.
  • Toolbar disconnect confirmation feature now displays a question mark on the disconnect button when you try to disconnect.

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