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mIRC 5.82


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mIRC 5.82  Änderung der Registrierung

  • Fixed dcc folder ignore bug.
  • Fixed bug in /mode reply display for channel creation time.
  • Fixed tab completion not working with channel names in channels folder dialog.
  • Added /dcc ignore [on|off|only|except] command.
  • Fixed channel nicklist being affected by line-spacing settings.
  • Fixed dcc chat/fserve desktop/mdi setting not being saved.
  • When using function keys in a channel, the $1- identifier now always contains any nicks selected in the listbox.
  • Improved handling of irc: URI and .chat files.
  • Fixed flood protection bug.
  • The 32bit mIRC will no longer work under win3.11/32s.
  • Fixed SJIS/JIS conversion not working in dcc chats.
  • Fixed invalid cps display in dcc send/get when resuming a file.
  • Fixed custom dialog bug when using a background bmp, checkboxes weren\'t being displayed properly.
  • Change limit cps method in fserve dialog, should now be more precise, and should send packets more smoothly.
  • Added Control+L key combination, scrolls to the last line you read when the status/channel/chat window was last open/active.

    Added Line Marker dialog to Display/Options dialog.

    You can also use a picture for the line, rgb 255,0,255 is the transparency colour, same as for switchbar/toolbar pictures.

    Custom windows can use line marker feature if they are created with /window -m switch.

  • Fixed channel central bug, was trying to set topic even if you didn\'t have ops.
  • Fixed gpf bug in $mode() when used outside of a remote event.
  • Added $ctimer identifier, returns name of timer that triggered the current script.
  • Fixed bug which prevented opening more than one $dialog() at a time. 20
  • $lf and $cr chars are now stripped from lines written to ini files.
  • Changed $bvar(&binvar,N-N2) to $bvar(&binvar,N,M), where M is number of bytes, simplifies use. Old format still supported.
  • Fixed $iif() bug.
  • Channel windows can now be closed during a disconnect even if rejoin on connect is turned on.
  • Added $play(N)/$play(Nick,N) identifer, with properties: type, fname, topic, pos, lines, delay, status. Returns info on /play queue.
  • Added Event colour to Options/Display dialog. This colour is now used for all non-message events. The Message colour is used for actual messages, and the Highlight colour is used for highlighted messages.
  • Added Names button to Channels Folder.
  • Fixed bug with empty text \ in menu items in custom dialog.
  • Added $disk(drive).unc returns UNC path for network drive.
  • $mp3() now caches the info for the last referenced mp3 file.
  • Can now use styles (top left right bottom) with custom dialog icon definitions to align picture. Default is center.
  • Added built-in mousewheel support for microsoft meeces.
  • Fixed topic setting in events display dialog not being used.
  • Fixed $round() bug, was rounding negative numbers incorrectly.
  • /ban now expands ban address if you didn\'t specify a full nick!user@host address format.
  • Fixed channel folder group entries not auto-joining.
  • Can now /join group to join a group defined in the channels folder.
  • Fixed bug in $ulevel.
  • When using mode prefixes with tab key nick completion on a channel, only users with the specified mode are shown.
  • Added $findfile().shortfn property.
  • Fixed bug in $inrect().
  • Fixed /set bug when first character of variable is a wildcard.
  • Custom dialog icon definitions now default to the path of the script if icon isn\'t found in mIRC root folder.
  • Fixed $dialog().hwnd bug.
  • Fixed $readini bug.

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