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Opera 9.0 Beta 1 (Build 8367) 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Opera 9.0 Beta 1 (Build 8367)  Änderung der Registrierung

User Interface

* Fixed Proxy On/Off toggle in Quick Preferences.
* Script dialogs now have the option to stop the current script running, in order to prevent further dialogs from appearing.
* Added support for saving and opening Web archives.
* opera:config now uses file choosers for file paths.
* Quick find in opera:config now searches section names as well as preference names.
* Sections can now be expanded in opera:config even while searching.
* The [Adv User Prefs] section of opera6.ini and opera:config has been renamed to [Network].
* Changed feed notification icon.
* Removing buttons on one toolbar now removes from all open tabs not just active one.
* Added ability to save to disk from source viewer.
* Default mode for "Cycle without showing list" is now visible tab order.
* "Cycle without showing list" now includes also minimized pages.

Changes to preferences dialog

* Site and Web page content preferences moved into Preferences > Advanced > Content.
* Tabbed browsing preferences have been moved to Preferences > Advanced > Tabs.
* Reorganized Network and Browsing preferences.
* Re-added Preferences > Advanced > Cookies, for managing cookie preferences.
* Re-added gender setting to voice preferences.


* A dragable widget tab is shown at the top of the screen, providing quick access to widgets. This can be removed using the settings button when viewing widgets, or using Preferences > General > Show widgets tab.
* Widgets are now displayed on a faded background - click on the background to exit widget viewing mode.
* Pinned widgets will now appear in the operating system's window lists, and can be activated with Alt+Tab as with normal application windows.
* Pinned widgets can be kept on top using the right-click menu.
* Links from widgets now respect the "Open windows instead of tabs" setting.
* Dragging a scrollbar in a widget no longer drags the widget.
* Added widget error reporting to the error console.

Content blocker

* In content blocking mode, clicking an image or plug-in shows all other content that matches the filter.
* Content blocker shows previously blocked content when entering content blocking mode.
* Content blocker filters are no longer case sensitive.
* Shift+click on images and plug-ins while in content blocking mode blocks the exact path instead of using a wild card.
* Leaving content blocking mode removes all content that matches the new filters, including pages in inline frames.
* Improved blocking of plug-in content when an object tag is used without an embed tag.
* Improved display of content blocker toolbar.

Messaging and Newsfeeds

* Fixed timestamp bug in Mail.
* New welcome mail to replace dialog when first creating a mail account.
* Up/down arrows no longer select next/previous messages in e-mail and news views when the message view has focus.
* Corrected encoding when redirecting e-mails.
* DCC file transfers now displayed as a link in a private chat window.
* DCC file transfer now respects the nosave and nodownload switches in kiosk mode.


* Added disk caching for BitTorrent to improve speed.
* Fixed so upload in BitTorrent doesn't send corrupt data.


* Improved handing of image changes through CSS :hover effects.
* Fixed float and inline box stacking order, as required by the Acid 2 test. This completes Opera's support for Acid 2.
* Removed support for SGML comments in HTML. Comment parsing is now based on the Web Applications 1.0 draft.
* Several fixes for the position style.
* Fixed :required :optional :read-only :read-write and :default pseudo-class selectors.

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