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Opera 7.20


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Opera 7.20  Änderung der Registrierung

User interface features
  • Implemented BiDi support
  • Fine-tuning for speed in page rendering & JavaScript
  • Added context menu support (activated from keyboard) in hotlist toolbar
  • Added find in page to customize toolbars
  • \"Maximize frame\" shall always open in the same page
  • Ctrl+Alt+Z available as shortcut for reopening most recently closed page
  • New \"Closed\" menu under the \"Window\" menu on the main menu bar listing the 100 last closed windows
  • Fix for entering special characters into edit fields while at the same time supporting various shortcuts. Differentiate between the special AltGr key and the left Control+Alt key combo, so that it is now possible to press AltGr+some key for special characters, but also Alt+Control+some key to produce a shortcut instead
  • Let special forward mouse buttons try fast forward if no normal forward
  • Added support for bolded menu items
  • Implemented support for aspect ratio features (CSS3 media queries)
  • New URL scheme supported: data (RFC 2397)
  • Initialised border_collapse to separate rather than zero
  • Support for encoding unrepresentable characters in output as HTML entities (for use in forms)
  • Added \"Reload frame\" to [Windows Item Popup Menu] section
  • Added support for confirmation when closing all pages or closing all but active page
  • Changed default Accept header: \"application/xml\" instead of \"application/xhtml\"
  • Support for opening a new page at the location a url was dropped in the pagebar + right-click menu support in hotlist/window list
  • Enabled syncronized animations
  • Give page background color to color manager when updated in preference dialog box. No longer required to restart to see the change
  • Show an archive icon for files with extension \'gz\' in hotlist/links view
  • Append addresses that are entered from the \"Go to\" dialog box (F2) to the typed history list
  • Pressing Enter/Return will now activate the selected page entry in the window view of the hotlist
  • Let \"Compose\" from document popup menu use the mailto address of the clicked
  • Support for opening protocols without // (magnet:, aim:) in external program; See File > Preferences > Programs and paths
  • Added a \"Clear\" button that can be used to clear the address entry field by clicking on it. It is not on by default; use the \"Customize toolbar\" dialog box to activate it.
  • Move keyboard focus to document when pressing escape in search dropdown, zoom dropdown and search edit fields.
  • Hotlist: Fixed a re-parenting problem in the hotlist that would result in lost bookmarks/contacts/notes: Moving a parent folder into a child folder
  • Hotlist: Do not place a copy of a bookmark/contact in trash when CUT\'ing it.
  • Hotlist: Show an error dialog box if a hotlist list could not be saved to file.
  • Hotlist: Fixed a sort sync problem (hotlist vs bookmark menu).
  • Fixed a bookmark parser problem that prevented old bookmark files (pre version 6) from being imported.
  • Added support for symbolic \"COMMA\" and \"SEMICOLON\" strings for use in shortcut files
  • Improved the algorithm that assigns accelerators to a popup menu
  • Javascript options added in Multimedia preferences. Added options for allowing script to size, move, raise (i.e. focus), lower and set status bar text
  • Let Ctrl+F11 toggle menubar on/off
  • Show active window with bold in cycle list and Windows panel
  • Made it possible to have actions specify the action value after an action string was specified. Makes it possible to do:

  • Show popup menu, \"Internal access points\", -3 to directly
    show the \"All messages\" submenu

  • Let pagebar redirect handling of actions to window in question. This enables the possibility to have document context menus on pagebar buttons (like in Opera 6)
  • In views where drag\'n\'drop is disabled, enable drag selection. Effect: you can hold down mouse button and move mouse to select different items... Like in the preferences dialog, hold down button is list on the left and drag to quickly move through the prefs pages
  • Added horizontal panning support
  • Let popup progress appear inside any scrollbars
  • Pressing . or / starts an inline find without a search field. 1 second timeout or force with Escape
    • Search only links with \",\" or \"shift /\" prefix
    • Possible to \"paste\" text into ongoing timed find
    • Possible to use other actions like scrolling page etc while timed find is running
    • Possible to find next/previous
    • Only fade-away if timeout occurs (3 seconds), otherwise remove the popup instantly
  • Unregistered users have the choice between two types of ads:

  • 1. Normal generic ads, like before
    2. Text-ads from Google that are relevant to the currently visited page

    If you choose the new format you will get text-based ads from Google that are relevant to the content of the page you visit. The currently visited page URL is used for finding the best ad and corresponding related searches. Google and Opera are committed to protecting the privacy of our users, and more information about the system (and the measures we take to protect you) can be found here.

  • Added \"Pass web address directly to application\" checkbox. in File > Preferences > File types
  • Added smooth scrolling option to preferences
  • Added preferences flag for \"Open new page next to active page\"
  • Added option in preferences to style forms and/or scrollbars
  • \"Added Loading Redraw\" delay preferences setting
  • Support for not displaying page address in window title by using an opera6.ini setting:

  • [User Prefs]
    Show Address In Caption=0|1 (1 is default)

  • Opera settings can contain system variables. Opera.ini can now have variables with system environment variables, for example:

  • [User Prefs]
    Download Directory=%HOMEPATH%\\Downloads from Opera

  • Changed the handling of the preference

  • [Adv User Prefs]
    Force Winsock2 API=0
    Accepted values:
    * -1: Force Winsock 1.1 interface (disables IPv6)
    * 0: (default) Force Winsock 1.1 interface (same as option \"-1\") IF there are dialupconnections specified. Otherwise, use full Winsock 2 implementation (as for option \"1\").
    * 1: Use full Winsock 2 implementation
    * 2: Use full Winsock 2 implementation, except that the older Winsock 2 namelookup functionality is used. This disables IPv6 DNS support, but IPv6 IP addresses still work

  • Middle click options are now available on the Mouse preferences page, as well as Shift-middle click
  • \"Show tooltips\" preference moved to the Windows preferences page
  • Added \"Edit Label Popup Menu\" menu

M2, Opera\'s new e-mail and news client
  • Initial support for mail export to mbox format added for Access points/views
  • Improvements to the internal spam filter
  • Make sure internal spam filter never is applied to news messages or outgoing mail
  • Implemented new authentication-system in NNTP. Added support for CRAM-MD5
  • Added RFC2231 support
  • Remove self when selecting \"Reply All\"
  • Progress should show totals when multiple accounts have same status
  • Toggling between list, message and split view in mailer. Double-click e-mail will open the mail in new window
  • If IMAP server does not give an AUTH capability, try all supported ones
  • Allow composing an e-mail to multiple receivers by selecting \"Compose\" on a folder in the contact list
  • Don\'t fetch/send messages when in offline mode
  • Messages are now html, not xml
  • Let user choose between deleting messages or just remove them from view in the warning/info dialog
  • Added counter to \"Trash\"
  • Support for showing only mail belonging to specified account - dropdown in Hotlist, or available from \"Mail > Show account\"
  • Support for account categories. Set category under \"General\" tab in account properties (Mail > Manage accounts.. dialog). Also available from dropdown in Hotlist
  • Support for hiding mail in custom views from other views (properties, \"Filter\" tab)
  • Disable account dropdown from Mail > Show account
  • Regexp filter support
  • Improvements to authentication and auto selection of authentication methods; support for POP3 CAPA
  • IMAP fixes
  • Not show newsgroup messages in Unread by default
  • Adding dropdown menu for selecting M2 view from the mail window
  • Easy way to add filter to an existing view (filter on address or subject)
  • Proper separator in search dropdown box and account selector
  • Possible to undo/redo (Ctrl+z/y) the actions of marking mail as read/unread or delete/undelete of mail.
  • Option to hide messages from a certain folder from other folders (marking the messages in that folder as \"hidden\")
  • Added emptying trash as a status-message in M2
  • Support for (POP3 CAPA)RFC2449 (POP3 CAPA).
  • Open a message box asking about entering online mode if checking mail in offline mode.
  • Improved support for RFC2646, and added support for Unicode Standard Annex #14, \"Line Breaking Properties\"
  • Show subscribe dialog after creating news account
  • Made clickable area of attachments smaller and more visible
  • Let Crtl+Shift+S (send mail) execute quick reply in mail view
  • Let Shift+F9 focus quick reply
  • The mail context menu will now be used when right clicking on a mail body instead of the web page context menu
  • \".,?!)\" are now removed from the end of non-
  • New Account Wizard now allows server:port for server names
  • Default port will be used if the port given is \"0\"
  • Auto CC and BCC possible under \"General\" tab in account properties

Privacy and security
  • Added Actalis Root Certificate
  • Improved Server Manager dialog. Now possible to press Delete on a server item and the most logical things will happen, depending on context:
    • Server and associated cookies are removed
    • Server and associated wand logins are removed
    • Server and both cookies and logins are removed
    • Server is reset to default cookie filter
  • Changed Trusted protocol handling to also check URLs that do not use \"://\" in the URL, only checks for \":\" before checking against the list of trusted protocols
  • Adjusted security password policy: Minimum 6 characters and either
    • At least one alphabetic character and one non-alphabetic character, or
    • At least one character from a non-western european character set (specifically: not Latin-1)
  • Manually setting authentication method should overrule reported CAPA capabilities.
  • Changed default flags for certificate authorities when installing downloaded CA certificates to \"deny all access\", and \"warn\", for client chains, and \"access, but warn\" for other chains unless the user explicitly changes the settings
  • Added handling of special date format strings that cause problems with some cookies
  • Open security page in preference dialog box when clicking the security button on the progress bar
  • Set-Cookie requests to delete cookies covered by the DNS verify policy are now first DNS verified
  • Fixed issue with decoding of cookie path, reported by Corsaire
  • Adjusted security password policy

  • Minimum 6 characters and either:

    • At least one alphabetic character and one non-alphabetic character, or
    • At least one character from a non-western european character set (specifically: not Latin-1)
  • Moved handling of \"Clear disk cache\", \"Clear visited history\" and \"Clear typed in history\" actions to allow shortcut support

More features
  • Updated Help files
  • Added method to check for available upgrade of Opera
  • Added a \"Minimize\" button to the JavaScript console
  • Close JavaScript console on exit
  • Added code to detect if there are dialup connections configured for the system
  • Added \"Remove all finished transfers\" to Transfer menu

  • Auto-login with wand even if there is no username
  • Stability fixes
  • Plug-in fixes
  • Fix for unreliable menu highlighting
  • Removed caption for image documents
  • Get locale from OS and use corresponding codepage
  • Support \"list-style-type\" value \"decimal-leading-zero\"
  • Bottom margin fix plus optimizations
  • Use smaller bullets in handheld mode
  • Accept header change (\"XHTML+XML\" and \"XHTML\")
  • Added \"Open background image\" action
  • Implemented
  • Implemented
  • % height on tables
  • Fix for launching external source viewer using quotes
  • Fixes to URL handling in Notes
  • Fixes to the Wand
  • Fix for not collapsing leading whitespace after floats
  • Skip only 1 linebreak at the beginning of a textarea
  • Spatial navigation highlighting fix
  • Removed Send charset to validator
  • Memory fixes
  • GIF animation fixes
  • Improved image display speed
  • ISINDEX fixes
  • Allow fast forward before page is completely loaded
  • Clear links panel when closing a window (use lock if you want to keep them around)
  • Support for function keys F13 to F20
  • Move keyboard focus to document when pressing escape in search dropdown, zoom dropdown and search edit fields
  • Show image name (not path) in image property dialog caption
  • Fixed redirection of Automatic Proxy Configuration scripts
  • Added possibility to force garbage collection from the Java console
  • Close page action should return false if nothing to close (makes it possible to do \"Close page | Exit\" kind of actions)
  • Enabled drag\'n\'drop within the windows panel
  • Load default (fallback) language file when changing UI language from preference dialog box.
  • Added \"speech\" media type with \"aural\" as alias
  • Implemented handling of voice-family according to CSS2 aural spec
  • Implemented parser support for most of CSS3 speech
  • Wand: Added \"Never on entire server\"
  • Wand: Changed to OK/Cancel in Wand dialog. Now cancel is always abort and OK always does the selected thing in the dropdown
  • Added option for allowing script to receive right clicks (defaults to off)
  • Embed with liveconnect now works as applet and object
  • Go to page dialog should now open a nickname on exact match
  • Modified bookmark date sorting
  • Show url in statusbar when using A/Q to navigate
  • Enable back button immediately when opening link. It used to be disabled until page was fully loaded

Kiosk mode
  • Kiosk mode support has been reintroduced
  • Visit kiosk information for more information

  • Recognize handheld in media attribute of xml-stylesheet PI to switch from SSR to handheld mode
  • Recognize @media handheld inside STYLE elements and use author stylesheet instead of SSR
  • Enter handheld mode when matching certain doctypes (chtml wml)
  • Always switch to handheld mode for WML documents
  • \"application/vnd.wap.xhtml+xml\" now handled correctly

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