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Opera 11 (Beta 1)


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Opera 11 (Beta 1)  Änderung der Registrierung

This is a beta version of Opera. Please use it only on properly backed up computers. It incorporates new features, improvements, and stability enhancements.

New features and improvements

Address field
An improved address field makes it easier to stay safe on the Web, and it now hides the complexity of long web addresses. It also provides more security information to help you stay safe when browsing; just click the badge for the website to see security information about the site you are visiting.

  • All webpages get a badge to the left of the address field. The badge replaces protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, and opera:, which are shown only when focusing on the address field.
  • Clicking the badge provides a easy overview of the potentially more complex security state of the current web page.
  • Parameters at the end of web addresses are visually hidden until the address field is focused. You can disable this with opera:config#UserPrefs|HideURLParameter if you still want to see the whole address all the time.
  • There is now a badge indicating that you are browsing with Opera Turbo on. Clicking this badge gives information about estimated data savings for the Opera Turbo session.


An improvement to auto-update now makes sure you have the latest extensions and Opera Unite applications.

Bookmarks bar

The Opera Bookmarks bar is located directly below the Address bar, and replaces the old Personal bar.

Enabling the new Opera Bookmarks bar

  1. Open the "View" menu.
  2. Select "Toolbars".
  3. Click the check box next to "Bookmarks bar".

If you want the Bookmarks bar to show in the former location of the Personal bar

  1. Open the Appearance dialog (Shift + F12) > "Toolbars".
  2. Click "Show hidden toolbars while customizing".
  3. Above the Address bar a Bookmarks bar appears. Click it once to mark it (a yellow outline will show around the bar).
  4. Click "Placement" and select "Top" inside the Appearance dialog.
  5. Mark the new Bookmarks bar located below the Address Bar, and choose "Placement Off".
  6. Click OK.
  7. The Bookmarks bar is now shown in the former location of the Personal bar.


Opera extensions offer a way for you to easily add new functionality to your Opera browsing experience. Developers can easily create extensions using open standards (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript) and supported APIs. Opera extensions will be based on the W3C Widget specifications and this is being considered for an Open Standard effort.

  • Extensions will now run on secure sites (HTTPS) by default, and we have added a privacy setting where you can allow/disallow extensions to run on secure connections or in privacy mode (disabled by default).
  • Extensions now have a preferences page. Both the options page and privacy settings can be accessed from the extensions manager.

Some changes to requirements that will affect currently available extensions include:

  • Extensions must include an access request for the pages you want to access with the background-process. You can do this by adding <access origin=""> to the config.xml
  • Extensions must include an index.html file in the package, or include a <content src="someStartFile.html"/> in the config.xml.
  • Extensions must use broadcastMessage() properly:
    • broadcastMessage() only takes one argument: a string or an object literal.
    • So, use either broadcastMessage("hi"), or broadcastMessage({'say': 'hi' }

Mail panel

The Opera Mail panel has been improved with the following changes.

  • Decide which sections to show, and in what order.
  • Create folders to organize your mailing list and newsfeeds.
  • Filters are now called labels. Existing labels, custom labels and saved searches (as labels) are now located together under the Labels header in the Mail panel. The old filters, labels, and saved searches are now merged into the new, more powerful labels
  • In each category, (Attachments, Labels, Feeds, etc.) select which individual items to show and which items to hide.
  • Feeds can now be displayed in the panel without the need to enable a mail account.
  • The Mail panel automatically appears whenever you switch to a mail tab, and automatically returns to the previous state of the panels when moving back to a non-mail tab.
  • POP accounts now have Inbox and Sent views for themselves.
  • Multiple scrollbars are now changed to one global scrollbar for the mail panel. The scrollbar keeps section headers on top, which allows you to quickly scroll back up to them.
  • All mail search fields are now consolidated into one. This enables you to search wherever you want, with the help of a new toolbar that appears when searching.
  • You can save a search as a rule that will automatically label all the matching messages.

Plug-in loading

You can now set plug-ins to load only when you click on them, to significantly speed up browsing.

Presto 2.7 rendering engine

CSS3 Paged Media Module improvements
Support has been added for the object-fit and object-position properties.

  • The CSSWG decided to rename the image-fit and image-position properties to object-fit and object-position, but the W3C CSS3 Module: Paged Media has not been updated yet.
  • Since this CSS3 Module is not yet a specification, using these properties requires the addition of the Opera proprietary -o- prefix to each property. Opera recommends listing both formats in your style sheet, for example:
  • -o-object-fit: meet;
  • object-fit: meet;

CSS3 Text Module improvements

Renamed the -o-text-overflow property to text-overflow, and added support for ellipsis on multi-line blocks.

  • The Opera -o- prefix is no longer required when using this property.
  • See W3C CSS3 Text Module Section 7.3: Text overflow.

Encoding improvements

Big5-HKSCS support has been updated for the HKSCS-2008 encoding standard.

  • See Character sets.
  • See hkscs 2008 summary.

HTML5 improvements

Support has been added for the following HTML5 items.

  • Selection.selectAllChildren; see W3C HTML5 Section 7.6: The text selection APIs.
  • HashChangeEvent event object; see W3C HTML5 Section 5.5.9: History traversal.

WebSockets support

Opera offers support for WebSockets which provide a way to communicate between script in a web page and the server in full-duplex mode with low latency. Opera supports version -00 of the WebSocket protocol (-76). WebSockets sets up one TCP connection and confirms that the server can speak WebSocket by doing a special handshake, after which the server and the client can send text messages over the connection at will, resulting in faster communication.

  • References:
    • WebSockets in Opera
    • W3C WebSocket API

Search predictions

Search predictions from Google integrate into Opera's search field, and predict queries as you type, making searching quicker and easier. When using the search field or searching from the address field with the 'g' search keyword, Google search predictions will appear.

Speed improvements

Numerous advancements to the Carakan JavaScript engine have been made to improve Opera's speed and benchmark test performance.

Tab stacking

Opera invented tab browsing in the 1990s, and Tab stacking enhances tab organization in the user interface. Dragging one tab over another allows you to create groups of tabs. Now you can keep dozens of webpages open, organized, and under control.

User JavaScript

Support has been added for the W3C Web Storage API window.opera.scriptStorage property for user scripts alone.

  • This property returns a Storage object as specified in the W3C Web Storage API, and is unique per script.
  • User scripts can use this object to share presistent data across domains.
  • Script storage objects currently do not fire storage events.
  • The scriptStorage object has limited quota, defined in opera:config#PersistentStorage|UserJSStorageQuota.
  • See Opera User JavaScript: window.opera.scriptStorage.

Visual mouse gestures

Mouse gestures is another genuine Opera innovation that was first introduced in Opera 5.10 in April 2001. Visual Mouse gestures help you learn how to control Opera with mouse movements. A new interface guides you through the available gestures, making it easier to learn and use them.

  1. To see the new mouse gesture interface, hold (long press) the right mouse button down in any webpage.
  2. Then, move the pointer in any direction and the interface changes to reflect the actions that can be performed with subsequent movements.
  3. When you complete an action, a notification briefly shows what action you performed.
  4. Once you learn your favorite mouse gestures and perform them quickly, the interface will not display.

Changes since Opera 10.63

User interface


  • Added startup and shutdown profiling through a "-profilinglog" argument; see the Opera Desktop Team blog for details
  • Moved the Personal bar below the Address bar, and renamed it to Bookmarks bar
  • Improved keyboard navigation on the Bookmarks bar (using Tab to jump between items)
  • Toolbars menu moved to the top level of the O Menu
  • The opera:plugins page lists all available plugins and lets you disable individual ones
  • Added Opera Link synchronization support for the URL filter (content blocker)
  • Added opera:config#UserPrefs|EnableOnDemandPlugin to the Preference dialog
  • Redesigned the Close tab button
  • Added support for WebSockets
  • Added Popup blocker enhancements
  • Added initial framework for widget based app auto-update, and download on demand for Opera Unite applications (Opera Unite applications removed from installer)
  • Changed default search icon/shortcut back to the favicon/shortcut of the default search provider
  • Added search predicitions for Google
  • Various improvements to the address field
  • Implemented a new visual interface for mouse gestures
  • Implemented PGO (Profile-guided optimization) on UNIX
  • Alt is now hardcoded to open the O-Menu, enabling mapping of an alternative shortcut
  • Improved some of the focus handling code
  • Improved dialog when trying to add a bookmark that already exists
  • Added keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + O to open the Error Console


  • Links from external applications closing a page if page is opened from a panel or mail
  • Not being able to maximize a widget in application mode
  • In usage reports, tracking which default speed dials are removed
  • Error message not appearing on the widget installation customization dialog if widget name is too long
  • HTML5 video stops playing after right clicking and saving file to local disk
  • Zoom menu appearing too high on the screen when enabling the menu bar
  • Opera freezing when changing a URL while viewing a PDF with the start bar enabled
  • opera:help not being in auto-complete list
  • Opera closing on a page with a corrupt certificate
  • Bookmarks not being shown in the bookmarks manager after a restart
  • Not being able to clear a previous search from the drop-down menu
  • Stopped vertical scrollbar from appearing in advanced preferences due to the new local storage section
  • Opera closing when adding a contact to the personal bar
  • Tooltips not appearing when hovering speed dials
  • Opera closing when downloading files from the Links panel
  • Yandex search suggestions not working
  • missing from default mail providers
  • FastMail domains missing from default mail providers
  • Opera closing when downloading Voice with MemGuard
  • Voice download dialog going behind the preference dialog
  • Opera initiating multiple voice plug-in downloads
  • Missing string: the "done" tooltip on the find toolbar and password toolbar
  • Panel opening when Opera is loaded
  • Scrolling the address history sometimes scrolls underlying page
  • Opera closing when closing the last tab if the Opera Dragongly (detached) window is open
  • "Save as text file" function saving a page as source code
  • User interface focus being lost causing shortcuts to fail
  • Triple and quadruple clicking not selecting a text/line/paragraph and hiding the Hotclick menu
  • Menus appearing on a second screen
  • Freeze occurring when enabling sound in webpages
  • PDF being painted black when the Address bar is focused with the Start Bar enabled
  • Several issues with private tabs/windows
  • Problem when setting custom Reload Every value for pages and Speed Dial using Enter key
  • Not being able to use Esc to escape out of address field in Speed Dial/blank tab
  • View toolbox not getting keyboard focus when clicking View button
  • Not being able to accept self-signed certificate
  • Extender menu not being accessible with tab bar placed at the sides
  • Relative paths not working in the Filename setting for Speed Dial background
  • Personal bar only showing its content in one window
  • JavaScript dialogs not disappearing when you reload, and stacked on top of each other
  • Tab-modal dialog staying after changing the URL
  • Speed Dial thumnails being created incorrectly if "fit to width" option is enabled in general settings
  • Scrollbars not showing on transformed elements
  • Desktop window getting into a non-drawing state
  • Accept Cookies preferences not being properly set in the UI
  • Reloading pages gives multiple download dialogs which cannot be closed
  • Not being able to click or select links and text
  • Ability to open multiple "Site Preferences" dialogs on one site
  • Opera Unite Messenger application not loading
  • Nicknamed bookmark URL not being updated until restart when it is changed, and then using it in the Address bar
  • Opera closing during tab animations
  • Opera freezing when closing a canvas/audio/javascript game
  • Bookmark URLs being truncated to 128 characters when pasted
  • Opera closing when Opera Link synchronization of the blocked content list occurs
  • Tooltip appearing in front of another application
  • Opera not working with Windows NT4 SP6a
  • Opera 10.6x no longer running under Windows 98
  • Invisible text occurring in the Personal bar and Main bar when switching from Classic to Aero theme
  • Logitech Tilt-wheel mouse tilt function's horizontal scrolling not working in Opera 10.5 and above
  • Not being able to open pages in IE mode using the Neptune plug-in
  • Overlayed dialogs sometimes being covered by plug-ins
  • Opera closing when activating the Master Password dialog on startup
  • Context menu translations ru-en and en-ru missing in the Russian version of Opera
  • Mouse gestures not always working on the application background unless the UI is activated
  • Not sending a referrer when using anything but the left mouse button
  • Widgets menu opening links in an active tab
  • Password Manager toolbar becoming blank, empty, or white when opera:config#UserPrefs|SpeedDialState=3
  • Start Bar being blanked out after opening a background tab
  • Opera closing when dragging bookmarks
  • Opera closing when using the "Custom Bookmark Merge File" in operaprefs.ini
  • Middle-click panning not working in frames
  • Opera closing when activating "Show search"
  • Bookmarks and Notes being sent on first sync even when disabled
  • Offline mode not working
  • Forward not working on frame content
  • Private tabs, and using F2 "Go to page" address field, resulting in a stored url
  • Bookmark menu being as wide as the longest title
  • Opera freezing when trying to import a very large bookmark file
  • Problem with the default mouse configuration
  • Opera closing after leaving a page with Flash with wmode="transparent"
  • Bodyless documents closing in accessibility mode
  • Status Bar becoming black in a not maximized window on restart, after enabling the Menu Bar (Aero)
  • Installing Opera 10.60 for Windows over writes saved search preferences
  • Using Full Screen from the context menu disfigures the Status bar and Tab bar when coming out of full screen
  • The MSI installer failing when upgrading an existing installation
  • Opera closing when opening Opera Unite application installation links in the background
  • Opera Unite Messenger application not loading the first time
  • Opera closing when trying to open
  • Blocked URL not displaying an error page when the host is not found
  • Searching for spaces in a page matches random pieces of text
  • closing when using spatial navigation
  • When loading an animated png, CPU usage rises and the browser does not respond
  • Opera closing when voice is enabled
  • Sequential alerts failing, with only the first one showing correctly
  • Page not responding to input after clicking a transparent Flash
  • Start Bar being blanked out after opening a background tab
  • Empty tab occurring after activating a mouse gesture
  • Form fields missing on
  • Not being able to select the last symbol inside a scrolled box
  • Overlay dialogs disappearing, making the tab unusable
  • Opera closing when directly opening a file with a Content-Disposition: attachment
  • Bookmarks dragged out of the Mini folder being recreated
  • Focus being lost from the Facebook chat box when the text is updated
  • F2 not respecting the Reuse Current Tab facility
  • Google Earth plug-in poping up in front when in a background tab
  • Opera Link causing 100% CPU use on start up
  • Opera closing on start up when deleting certain files in the profile
  • Mouse panning not always working
  • Opera sometimes closing on Window systems with Aero disabled
  • "Use Opera as default browser" installer option causing Opera to crash
  • New note being created when clicking an empty area of a notes list
  • Wrong temporary download file being used when opening files from a download dialog more than once in an external editor
  • New windows being opened from a keyboard shortcut open with empty workspace
  • Animations stopping when opening menus
  • A widget having two application menus on Mac OS 10.5
  • Scrolling being interrupted the in address bar drop-down
  • View: toolbars being disabled after enabling one toolbar
  • A white background appearing behind form controls
  • Not being able to clear the file chooser to unset option/restore default on Mac
  • Not always reacting on mouse clicks after a right-click on the context menus
  • Opera Unite and Widgets:
    • Crash when trying to install a widget
    • Added a preference to enable Unite
    • Upgraded Opera Unite preferences
    • Opera Unite service announcement containing invalid XML
    • Added support for multiple icon sizes in widgets
    • Added control of Geolocation access by a feature element defined in widgets
    • An empty content element, or when set to an incorrect namespace, causing a crash when loading a widget
    • Unzip sometimes failing for files with upper case
    • Clicking links relative to widget documents opens them in the browser
    • Widgets not always having access to the network after a restart
    • Crash when stopping an Opera Unite service twice from the service page
    • Opera Unite working only on the local computer
    • Link handling in widgets
    • Flash with wmode transparent crashes in widgets
  • Navigating to an OGG file not playing the video inline
  • Password manager losing passwords after setting and later changing the master password
  • Windows Media Player plug-in not loading a stream when data attribute is set but not a src attribute
  • Not being able to access a page through SSL by direct link
  • Hebrew (RTL) text with negative letter-spacing being hard to read
  • Printing from print preview resulting in either a freeze or corrupted page
  • Doing a page search highlights too much text, including the next line
  • Incorrect menu entry for the Java console
  • Keyboard shortcut missing for the Opera Dragonfly debugger in the developer menu
  • Panel opening when Opera is loaded
  • Opening a bookmarks file from Manage Bookmarks overwriting the profile bookmarks file
  • Tab cycle order being wrong if 'When cycling through tabs with Ctrl+Tab' is set to 'cycle without showing list'
  • Shift + F4 not showing or expanding the panels
  • Saving multiple items in the link panel only saves the first entry
  • Auto-update being forced when the user has opted-out
  • Progress bar being broken
  • Window not being called back when opening a new tab while minimized
  • Clearing the search box should not show prediction results from a query
  • Normal font and monospace font settings not working
  • Default search box cannot be dragged from Appearance > Buttons
  • Broken search field in Apperance > Buttons > Search
  • Private tab search terms showing in non private Speed Dial search
  • Ctrl + Shift + V opening in a new background tab
  • Paste'n'Go not working in F2 ("go to page") dialog
  • Autoupdate failing to display authentication dialog when updating without write permissions
  • Master Password dialog quickly opening and closing when logging in through the Auth dialog
  • Cannot double-click an empty workspace to open a new tab
  • Gmail not working
  • Tab title displaying incorrectly with a modified toolbar setup
  • Search and URL dropdown getting clipped in non compositing environments: F2 drop down not being re-enabled
  • File download recursively overwriting folders without warning when using the Gtk file selector
  • The --geometry argument having no effect on first run
  • Opera not accepting the CFF font format
  • Invoking opera --fullversion argument not working when Opera is running
  • File type dropdown being broken in the file chooser
  • Inability to disable smooth scrolling by default on UNIX: still possible to enable via a preference
  • KDE skin missing a browser skin element
  • After inputting Latin characters, IME cannot be turned on in search field
  • Dead keys stop working after the second character due to change of focus
  • Ctrl + Shift + V opening in a new background tab
  • Context menu not working, even when mouse gestures are turned off

Display and scripting


  • Opera Dragonfly ECMAScript debugger
  • Implemented persistent storage for User JavaScript
  • Updated Unicode support to Unicode version 5.2
  • Clean up of the Application Cache when closing a window
  • Faster traversal of relatively positioned elements
  • Methods added to enable/disable spellcheck, and determine if the current spellcheck state has been set by the user
  • Implemented isEqualNode from DOM3 Core
  • Implemented Event.defaultPrevented from DOM3 Events
  • Implemented CustomEvent from DOM3 Events
  • Support added for dir attribute on widget, name, description, author, and license elements in config.xml
  • Added CSS box-decoration-break and updated background shorthand
  • Added support document.head (HTML5)


  • Opera closing when applying Web Storage
  • "v" shortcut in Google Reader opening about:blank (ignores same thread that opened popup setting location)
  • Failure loading a page in a newly opened pop-up
  • Ctrl + End not moving the caret anywhere on Google Docs
  • Referrer of XMLHttpRequest response being wrong when a request is initiated in a call from another frame
  • Memory issue when changing offline mode to online
  • Opera closing when in the YUI test suite
  • Opera closing when deleting a paragraph with an image
  • Opera closing when browsing with cached images
  • hashchange event firing incorrectly when stepping backward and forward through pages in the DOM cache
  • CSS text-decoration:underline not being filtered if the text is rendered with an SVGFont
  • Opera closing on SVG images that include CSS style sheets via @import
  • Non-enumarable properties not being returned
  • Redeclaring an Event object does not reflect within other scopes
  • Carakan not properly terminating strings to identifiers in some cases
  • Setting the onload property of XMLHttpRequest blocks document memory from garbage collection
  • Widgets not having access to network after restart
  • UPnP memory issue occurring with IPv6 and non-local addresses
  • Opera closing when launching Opera after an upgrade
  • Issues preventing Server-sent events from working
  • Widgets not loading (config.xml not being found)
  • Compressed plug-in streams not being cached
  • Plug-in related closing of Opera occurring with "submit form to insecure server" warning
  • Memory problem relating to certificates (
  • Memory problem relating to regular expression literals
  • Carakan syntax error occurring if the do...while statement was the true branch of an if statement with an else
  • Windowed Flash on Youtube not being mouse accessible
  • Importing a PKCS #12 certificate
  • JIT related memory issue occurring at
  • Application cache request being sent twice for a single window
  • Cancel message being sent with the wrong id
  • Ensuring the correct prototype chain for Opera Dragonfly
  • Slowdown on traversing and changing of CSS properties
  • Selector performance regression
  • Style properties/presentation attributes rendering at
  • Opera freezing caused by nested tables, overflow, and align
  • Opera closing caused by a large BMP image with CSS height:0
  • Opera closing when reflowing pages
  • getClientRects returning the wrong offsets for tables
  • TinyMCE insertHR test being regressed
  • Unnecessary horizontal scrollbar being caused by a tall block with absolutely positioned child
  • Opera closing when using Application cache (opening Opera Dragonfly causes an Opera shutdown)
  • Several font-related problems
  • Filter combining with opacity affects event detection
  • document.cloneNode firing not_supported_err
  • navigator.plugins.length being > 0, even with no plug-ins used
  • NaN, Infinity, -Infinity not being ignored
  • Text alignment with text-anchor failing on bidi text
  • Not allowing XML pretty formatting to be turned off, opera:config#UserPrefs|FormatUnstyledXML
  • UserJS not being visible to the debugger
  • documentedit not being aware of the spellcheck attribute
  • navigator.plugins.refresh(true) not reloading current document
  • White screen being displayed instead of Yahoo if "history back" and "history forward" are repeated
  • <text> element in SVG not defaulting to ltr when the directionality is unspecified
  • Reading location.hash just after setting giving the wrong result in a body-less document
  • Plug-in windows not being removed from the PlugixManager when deleted
  • SELECT inheriting the style from an initially selected OPTION
  • Triple-writing the HTML of an IFRAME with source that contains a script tag freezes JS (TinyMCE)
  • A memory leak in XMLHttpRequest
  • Page auto-scrolling to the top when "new" graphics are incorporated
  • Painting artifacts with an absolute element inside a fixed element when scrolling a zoomed-in page
  • The "off-by-one" bug causing unnecessary scrolling on areas covered by fixed positioned elements
  • Ignoring the reviver argument to JSON.parse if not callable
  • Accessing the stack before Error is thrown thus causing it to always be empty
  • Opera closing on
  • A problem with Carakan JIT
  • Percentage widths on a fixed layout nested table computing incorrectly if there are overflowing descendants
  • Video and audio controls becoming partially visible when applying a CSS transform
  • Relatively positioned child with 100% height not expanding when increasing its absolutely positioned parent
  • Opera closing on, with visibility: collapse row
  • strokeRect() not accepting negative values for width or height
  • Rounded rectangles in SVG not being rounded
  • Form input fields with border-radius using the page background: causes invisible fields in a case with no border
  • Nowrap being ignored on a cell with a 100% wide sibling cell
  • Positioned image with usemap attribute only showing content when cached (
  • Content disappearing when adding more inline-block displayed elements
  • Table cell not being correctly redrawn when changing its height
  • Opening Dragonfly inspecting a tab from previous a window after switching to a different window
  • Opera closing after leaving a tab with Flash: wmode="transparent"
  • label element not focusing select elements
  • Clicking a visible label should fire an onclick event on invisible input
  • Not showing a server-sent error page for 504 and 417 HTTP error codes
  • Ignoring of the the header UserJS with the BOM
  • Overly strict same origin rule for cached resources in application cache
  • Background of favicon changing on hover
  • Scrolled iframe not repainting
  • Onload for sub-frame documents not being triggered until the whole frameset is loaded
  • Large numbers of iframes pointing to themselves causing Opera to freeze
  • An issue when erasing with Control-Backspace
  • SVG color attributes getting the wrong string value after changing with RGB Color
  • overflow:hidden hiding a background image in a transformed (rotated) element
  • CSS transform rotates with an overflow:hidden clips image
  • Using canvas causes Opera to crash
  • Drop-down list not having a border around it when collapsed
  • Wrong position of Shockwave Director occurring inside iframes
  • Garbage being sent when a plug-in asks for a URL property
  • XML document being served as text/html can break the font switch-writing system
  • Google Docs spreadsheet scrolling when typing
  • Appending the video element fails after cloneNode
  • Second call to xhr.setRequestHeader() throws an error
  • An issue fixed with Facebook games
  • Missing onload events on images being loaded in parallel (non connected images getting garbage collected)
  • 400 Bad Request on The Register website occurring because an empty cookie value does not include an equals sign
  • Form input fields with border-radius and no border applied being invisible
  • Overlay layers not displaying in Google Maps
  • NSL occurring on some JavaScript iframe elements
  • DOM 2 Style methods not working properly on SVG elements
  • Selection being able to survive a parent DOM update
  • Empty wrap attribute being ignored on a pre element
  • selectedIndex being wrong after inserting options
  • Adding select options at options.length+2 should not insert an empty entry
  • Not being able to allow cookie mode override in ua.ini
  • Value with an invalid/unrecognized function not getting dropped
  • innerHTML not serializing the nbsp character as an entity
  • Input in inline-block with non-visible overflow being duplicated and causing a freeze
  • Media queries not being applied correctly when widening screen
  • Crash on delayed CSS transition chain
  • Crash on Gmail
  • Table row background image not being repainted across all cells initially
  • Float container does not stretch to fit a child text node and sibling min-width inline-block (Facebook PM)
  • Table cells separated by LF CR in the source code adds an extra table cell in the row
  • Missing clean-up of generated content inside layout-generated table elements
  • Crash with top.location = javascript:this
  • SVG crash with feBlend and discard
  • Web Workers not working in widgets
  • Opera Dragonfly: setting event breakpoint 'load' crashes Opera
  • Third party cookies not being set
  • Opera being unusable if autoproxy script contains an infinite loop
  • array.indexOf( being different from array.indexOf(window)
  • enable-background example from SVG 1.1 spec being rendered incorrectly
  • SVG filter feMerge / feMergeNode not rendering correctly
  • Failing to import some root CA certs in the pem format
  • SVG color parsing seems to be applying some HTML quirks
  • A mask with zero opacity affecting pointer-events
  • Crash when destroying a plug-in from script running by another plugin instance (Google maps street view)
  • End key putting the cursor at begin of next line instead of end of the current line
  • Text boxes and unicode combining characters
  • Crash with hidden input in a frames document
  • JavaScript .focus() and autofocus attribute should not be respected during history navigation
  • Unintuitive auto-completion of IDN addresses
  • Garbage when going back in history to images with wrong mime-type in disk cache
  • AIA certificate handling allowing content specific decoding to Unicode, leading to certificate decode failure
  • Incorrect property value transfer optimization occurring when first instruction is jump target
  • Incorrect cascading of properties on SVG root element
  • Memory usage increasing on flickr, and not being released
  • Canvas shadowBlur with clipping causes artefacts and crash
  • Style sheet loaded via a redirected URL using wrong base URL for resolving relative URLs
  • Removing both scrollbars from a scrollable container at the same time does not work
  • Using the same style sheet as a normal and an alternate breaks styling
  • In some cases, the outline on a table being misapplied to cell children
  • getComputedStyle().getPropertyValue("border-style") not returning "none"
  • Crash when going back on a page with iframes and JavaScript
  • Missing repaint of the Content area after resizing windows
  • JavaScript alerts opening shortly after a page load close instantly
  • Opening a short url through the address bar crashes Opera or causes a memory leak
  • UserJS code not running in extensions if page does not include a script tag
  • First scroll event being sent to window instead of scrollable area
  • 301 status code response not being redirected after a browser restart

Mail, news, chat


  • Implemented super scrollbar
  • Merged filters, labels, and saved searches into the new labels item
  • Removed the "Manage Feeds" dialog
  • Removed the Opera Mail labels keyboard shortcuts (L, 1-7)


  • mailproviders SMTP entry does not using a submission port
  • Sender name in mail view area being taken from the contact list rather than the From header
  • Opera closing when clicking on any folder in the Mail Tab: incoming or sent
  • In mail, multipart/alternative parts that are not true alternatives being invisible
  • Ability to open multiple "Customize Mail Header" dialogs in M2
  • Opera closing when expanding items in the mail panel
  • Mail Compose toolbar not being customizable, with changes being lost after closing the Compose tab
  • In All Messages/Sent, threaded mode hiding initial sent messages that started a thread
  • Not being able to subscribe to a RSS feed
  • Not being able to close the "font" dialog in the Mail Compose window
  • Unread count out of sync occurring in mail
  • Opera closing when selecting a mail account in the Mail Compose window
  • Errors occurring with plain text signature editing
  • Clicking on the mail notification when minimized does not activate the program window
  • Opera closing when closing a newsfeed tab
  • Renaming IMAP folders creates ghost folders
  • Updating the mail providers list to a new Opera Web Mail username
  • Graphic element layout issues in mail dialogs
  • Unicode attachment filenames sent by M2 being unreadable in clients like Outlook
  • Panels (F4) being brought up when focus is on RSS feed tab, even after panels were previously closed
  • Mail view being opened when clicking the expand arrow in the treeview
  • Attachment to e-mail disappears after viewing it
  • Mail selection being lost when new emails arrive
  • Feed folders views use "Sent" instead of "Published" as a column header
  • Mail panel categories being added at bottom of mail panel when enabling it
  • Mail header using a large text size instead of bolded text
  • Section header not working properly in the mail panel for a newly visible section
  • Wrong attachment names (Content-ID) being displayed
  • Password manager losing login information after changing the server name
  • Line breaks in signatures not being respected when changing plain text to HTML
  • HTML mail message not adding the default mail compose font to body style attribute
  • Not being able to modify the spam filter
  • Deleting a parent feed folder does not delete its children
  • Multiple views being selected in the new mail panel
  • Initalizing of the indexer in mail when no accounts exist
  • Populating the treeview while loading the mail database
  • Inline images sent from Thunderbird being recognized as attachments and not content id elements



  • Using Opera Turbo compression servers when loading plug-ins
  • Wrong error message when accessing the non-existent property of the object being presented
  • Setting document.title has no effect if a document does not have a title element
  • Header information for a plug-in being lost after a restart
  • Using spatial navigation after writing an image map to a document causes a crash
  • Random crash occurring on exit
  • not being able to finish sending a mail
  • Insecure third party module warning when starting Opera (DEP/Data Execution Prevention)



  • Not showing a server sent error page for 504 and 417 HTTP error codes
  • Scope connection not sending a handshake

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