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Opera 11.50 Beta 1 (Build 1027) 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Opera 11.50 Beta 1 (Build 1027)  Änderung der Registrierung

# User interface
* Improvements
- Added support for Speed Dial extensions
- Added support for Opera Link password synchronization
- Opera Next packages now produced for all future snapshots
- Logo finder improvements
- Added a "Double click to close tab" option to the tab options dialog
- Manually zoom Speed Dials to 30% (minimum zoom was 50%)
- Paste and Go in the search field will perform a search, instead of loading as an URL
- The "On Demand Plugin" option is now available in Site Preferences
- Use Ctrl + click a link to open it in a background tab (Ctrl + Shift + click will also still work for now)
- Added animation when removing Speed Dials
- Speed Dial auto reload timer reset when zooming
- Changed the filename of the Windows installer
- Added thumbnails for page suggestions into the Speed Dial add dialog
- Added support for the startup notification protocol
- Improvements made to window and tab handling
- Internally scale and save all favicons to 16x16 .png's
- Preferences for Speed Dial extensions now open in an overlay dialog
* Fixes
- view-mode: minimized Speed Dial thumbnails sending image requests on reloading
- Iframe ad being misplaced on a zoomed-in thumbnail
- URI fragment being sent with Speed Dial GET requests
- Speed Dial using the wrong icon after restart
- Context menu being available from the keyboard with Speed Dial State=2
- Missing Mouse gesture translations
- Tweak to animation when dragging a Speed Dial thumbnail diagonally
- Speed Dial preview in thumbnails not being refreshed
- Speed Dial entries in Jumplist not being updated
- Crash when installing the widget
- Single click creating an empty text selection
- URLs in the typed history address drop-down not taking up the whole width
- Not being able to scroll down with mouse wheel over an IFRAME with scrolling=no if smooth scrolling is enabled
- Voice plug-in crash
- Address field and Search field icons being squeezed in a default install on zh-cn Windows XP
- Bookmark context menu finding the wrong bookmark item when menu overlaps
- Crash when waiting a few days before starting Opera when an autoupdate is ready
- Focused address bar always opening a dropdown
- Opera Unite Home application not being downloaded if Opera Link is already enabled
- Crash on startup
- Changes to toolbar style and alignment not taking effect immediately in other tabs
- Dialog warning about submitting to an insecure site should not block program window
- Speed Dial fixes:
> String changes
> Crash when uninstalling/disabling updated Speed Dial extensions
> Extension update freezing Opera
> Crash when Opera is closed while Speed Dial edit dialog is open
> Crash when autoupdating extension
> Adding extension through Add Speed Dial dialog not replacing synced placeholder
> Speed Dial extensions being merged on Desktop instead of the Opera Link server
> Duplicate entries for extensions on Opera Link server
> Untrusted repository warning for removed extensions occurring when checking for update
> Crash when closing tab/window while Add Speed Dial dialog is open
> Crash when opening Speed Dial after closing it with an open edit dialog
> Installation of same extension fails after uninstalling older version
> Update notification for removed Speed Dial extension
> Address field in Speed Dial add dialog being linked to address field from Document Toolbar
> Updating running Speed Dial extensions to regular ones does not remove duplicates
> Crash when installing Speed Dial extension with Speed Dial disabled in opera:config
> Changing the name of a Speed Dial extension uninstalls it
> Wrong context menus for Speed Dial add/edit dialog edit field
> Editing Speed Dial with URL in typed history opening an address drop-down menu
> Extension being displayed only once if installed in both developer and user mode
> Plugin crash
> When typing an address, Speed Dial edit field focus moves to the end after each keyboard press
> Inline find shortcut ("/") incorrectly opening the find text toolbar in Speed Dial
- Site-specific override for plug-ins on demand
- Paste and Go can not perform searches
- Crash when changing certain settings in the Preferences dialog
- "Open JS Console on Error" opening on warnings
- Ctrl + click should open links in the background
- The Speed Dial configure callout being movable
- Opera sending unnecessary Opera Link updates (separators, passwords)
- Crash when using Transfer manager
- Password indicator for synchronization being cut off on the right hand side
- Menu always appearing on primary screen
- Re-enable the Widget Manager desktop file in Opera Next
- The tray icon being red in Opera Next builds
- Widgets installed from RPM/Deb Opera Next packages only running if Opera is installed
- Each Opera Widgets not having its own WMClass

# Display and scripting
* Improvements
- New Installer graphics added for Opera Next
- Start request for CSS resources now occurs during parsing
- Implemented the HTML5 History Extension API
- Implemented the HTML5 data-* attributes API
- Implemented the HTML5 Element.classList
- Implemented the HTML5 TimeElement.valueAsDate
- Implemented the matchesSelector API
- Improved SVG load performance
- Improved the SVG animation engine
- Added atob() and btoa() in Web Workers
- Added CSS props-changed flags for SVG properties
- Memory usage improvements to ES cache
* Fixes
- Redraw corruption occurring in resized HTTP auth dialog
- Specified background image in skin section [Hotlist Panel Skin] not being displayed
- Web fonts not working in Windows under user with non-ascii letters in account name
- Sogou IME closes unexpectedly
- Icon decoding issue triggering an infinite sync
- Remove delay when closing sockets on Windows to increase performance
- Opera Next's user-agent string must not include an extra "Opera"
- The tray icon being red in Opera Next builds
- postinst script of the Debian package removing the Opera apt archive key
- Crash when using spell check with a Korean dictionary
- Spatial navigation in an overflow:hidden box not scrolling the box
- Spatial navigation skiping a large number of links under certain conditions
- Saved images from image viewer attaching the image size to the name
- Hidden animated gif causing high CPU load because of constant repaints
- Fixed positioned backgrounds being jerky on scroll
- Hardcoded key bindings in the image viewer not considering modifier keys
- Java applets being loaded in new tabs
- Font weight and style changes occurring during transition
- Update spoof and mask strings to Firefox 4 and IE9
- EventSource will not connect if document.domain is set
- EventSource sending the wrong Accept http header
- Updating an existing property with "!important" has no effect
- cssText not showing "!important" declarations
- Crash occurring when contenteditable attribute placed on html
- Infinite loading occurs when going forward after an unfinished history navigation
- Media being ignored for @import in user style sheets
- Reading window.closed fails with browser.js enabled
- Mixing SVG fonts and @font-face CSS fonts with the same font-family may cause the font to disappear
- Incorrect characters used when "open-quote"/"close-quote" nest deeper than "quotes"
- Default margin on hr element being different from other browsers
- Crash when removing container that has ::first-letter properties
- Incorrect handling of percentage values occurring in border-radius
- Memory leak occurring when reloading documents connected to Opera Dragonfly debugger
- Crash occurring when gradient is set on body with zero height
- Plugix plug-in proxy crashing Opera
- Widget access requests not working in extensions
- Crash when removing cssRule
- Crash when printing a page with frames and no body tags
- Crash in documentedit when removing the first line in body element
- Some Google Font Preview fonts not loading (Droid Sans)
- opera:cache not showing the contents of IDN
- Cookies added to localhost via AddCookie not being returned by GetCookie
- onchange event not firing on month or week input types
- The "required" attribute on select elements not being supported
- ES to JSON converter creating invalid JSON when inital elements in an array are NULL
- Crash after opening Opera Dragonfly on a page with insertRule and @import

# Mail, news, chat
* Fixes
- When minimizing Opera, systray options Compose, Read Mail, and New Tab do not open the window
- Incorrect warning dialogue when changing Contacts file
- Opera Next having wrong icon for mail authentication

# Miscellaneous
* Improvements
- Improved response performance during heavy disc access

# Network
* Improvements
- Improved proxy preferences, with black and white listing of proxy usage per server.
- Added preferences UI for SOCKS

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