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Opera 7.21


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Opera 7.21  Änderung der Registrierung

Document and page layout
  • Fixed a problem where fixed elements weren\'t fixed when scrolling with mouse
  • Tile when creating new (and closing) windows added again
  • Fixed a problem where pages did not end up in the proper order when doing tile/cascade/restore all/maximize all
  • Fixed a problem where Delete Private Data could cause a freeze
  • Fixed a crash when trying to access file:///aux
  • Fixed a crash caused by illegally escaped server names
  • Fixed a freeze issue at
  • Fixed a freeze issue with nested tables and 100% height
  • Some image fixes
  • Fixed a reflow issue when opening a link in a new page from a Javascript menu
  • Fixed a scrollbar display issue with \"overflow: scroll\" and one caused by using \"overflow: auto\" and absolute positioning
  • Made it possible to change BUTTON width using CSS
  • Fixed a page jumping issue caused by \"font-weight: bold\" in a :hover
  • Fixed a clipping issue on inline-blocks
  • Fixed an \"all text underlined\" issue
  • MIDI files will now play even without disk cache
  • Fix for: Opera crashes on zoom + back and forth

Protocols and data flow
  • Tuned mimetype/extension handling
  • Fix for .lng files were saved as .txt
  • Fix for some webpages being cached as .tmp instead of .html
  • Added mimetype application/x-msdos-program with same extensions as application/x-msdownload
  • Fixed a problem where uploads and e-mail attachments were given the incorrect file extension.
  • More steps to prevent naming issues when downloading \".tar.gz\" files
  • Fixed a problem where the Open button was disabled and the program name failed to show when files were associated with WinRAR
  • \"application/x-msdownload\" is now set with extensions exe,bat,pif,com,scr to avoid unknown dangerous extensions on Windows
  • Fixed a problem where the \"application/x-sh\" MIME-type was expanded to \"application/x-shockwave\"
  • Fixed crash when pressing \".\" in transfers window
  • Turn on content sniffing for BMP, needed for showing mail attachment icons

  • Fixed a problem where the cursor would always be at the beginning of a form input field when JavaScript is used to verify text input
  • Fixed a problem when changing text alignment in TEXTAREA using JavaScript Return #RRGGBB instead of rgb() for bgColor()

  • Fixed a skin download issue

  • Fixed crashes when adding a bookmark containing illegal characters in nickname

Keyboard and mouse
  • Fixed a crash when using mouse gestures or when going back in History
  • Fixed a problem where Ctrl+R and Ctrl+L didn\'t adjust text correctly in form fields
  • Fixed a problem where the mouse would stop working correctly after right-clicking in the titlebar

Privacy and security
  • Updated to latest version of OpenSSL

M2, Opera\'s e-mail and news client
  • Fixed a crash when changing From address after a message had been saved
  • Fixed a problem where \"Reply All\" with more than two accounts could strip too many addresses or even crash
  • Fixed a problem where \"Reply All\" would keep multiple From addresses
  • Fixed a problem where SMTP Authentication was set to None when upgrading from 7.11 to 7.20. If you run into an error message about SMTP authorization/authentication being required to send mail, change the Auth method for your outgoing server to Auto
  • Fixed a problem where the body of some HTML e-mails were not painted when scrolled
  • Updated format=flowed code to smooth future transition to use of delsp parameter )

  • Fixed a problem where the first page printed was tiny

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