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Opera 11.51


Opera 11.51 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Opera 11.51  Änderung der Registrierung

User interface


  • Extension manager utlizes too much CPU
  • Opera Turbo button lost on upgrade if the Status Bar was modified
  • Crash when dragging a button from the Appearance dialog onto the Tab Bar
  • Suggested extensions disappear after second click in [+] window in Speed Dial
  • Extensions are launched even if set not to do so
  • Impossible to manually resize Speed Dial if custom number of columns is set
  • Installed extensions are not filtered out from the suggestions
  • Selecting search suggestion using keyboard is difficult because the first search engine is focused by default
  • Opera Link settings always shows Speed Dial Sync status from Opera startup value
  • Crashes on cancelling Speed Dial add dialog after clicking the add button twice
  • Opera Unite home service is removed from widgets.dat on disabling webserver in preferences
  • Opera crashed when clicking on the + sign in Speed Dial
  • Stability improvements
  • Some languages spelled with small initial letter in international installer
  • Cancelling uninstall triggers Windows compatibility assistant
  • The text for agreeing to Opera's Terms of service seems to jumps if you click "Terms of Service" and then back again.
  • Crash during installation
  • Wrong registry setting, after setting Opera as the default browser

Display and scripting


  • Error in parsing Content-Disposition extension parameters
  • Option elements within data lists shouldn't require value attributes
  • Stability improvements

Mail, news, chat


  • Crash on marking e-mail messages as 'Not Spam'
  • Mail in IMAP sent folder not marked as sent
  • Crash on opening label properties with feeds only



  • 'Long' OCSP/AIA/CRL requests might cause handshake failures if the TLS server cuts the connection



  • Fixed an issue that could allow unsecured web content to appear secure, as reported by Roland Reck; see our advisory
  • Fixed a low severity issue, as reported by Thai Duong and Juliano Rizzo; details will be disclosed at a later date

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