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Opera 5.02


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Opera 5.02  Änderung der Registrierung

Memory Optimization
  • Memory Usage: enhanced memory/resource handling for transfer window
  • Memory Usage: optimized memory/resource handling in IM client

  • Mail: time zone support
  • Mail: optimized filter configuration
  • Mail: updates to saving of mail windows
  • Mail: added variable mail root directory
  • Mail: column header click action
  • Mail: delete from server optimized
  • Mail: signature inserted in compose window
  • Mail: do not insert signature when Sending Again
  • Mail: other minor modifications and enhancements

General Additions
  • Addition: JavaScript security model
  • Addition: updates to opera.jar
  • Addition: winbar attention color entry to prefs
  • Addition: support for navigator.cookieEnabled in MSIE mode
  • Addition: sound dialog optimizations
  • Addition: display of the name of the plug-in associated with type
  • Addition: resolve to system settings when Trust Server to return correct type is not active
  • Addition: file extensions for word, postscript, wp51, video, sgml
  • Addition: mime types for microsoft excel and powerpoint
  • Addition: mime types for Real-types
  • Addition: miscellaneous minor additions

Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Backspace or Backspace to browse parent directory. Eg. becomes h
  • Keyboard shortcut: pressing Ctrl+F in help window brings up the Find dialog

Instant Messaging
  • IM: optimization of message search contact addition (manual)
  • IM: window handling enhancements
  • IM: other Minor additions and optimizations

  • Print Preview: help context
  • Print Preview: sizing of window in print preview mode
  • Print preview: enhanced form element handling
  • Print Preview: general minor optimizations and fixes
  • Print: modified header and footer printing

  • Forms: radio and check box checking selection via keyboard optimized
  • Forms: additions for form mailto submissions

File Transfer
    File Upload: a wider button in the file upload object
  • Transfer Window: optimal columns
  • Transfer Window: only shows hours if needed
  • Transfer Window: shows time left in caption, and thus also in windowbar
  • Transfer Window: horizontal scrollbar
  • Transfer Window: size (display)
  • Transfer Window: support for high speed download

  • Help: links in the help window
  • News: enhanced printing for news
  • Hotlist toolbars optimized
  • Tooltip optimized
  • Optmized viewer support
  • Optimized cell spacing
  • Many general optimizations, fixes and additions too small to mention

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