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VirtualDub 1.6.8


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VirtualDub 1.6.8  Änderung der Registrierung

[bugs fixed]
  • Fixed occasional crash if display panes are refreshed while editing the filter list.
  • Fixed hang if VirtualDub is the active application and attempts to refresh the display panes when a display mode switch occurs.
  • Display panes did not always update properly when seeking if Direct3D mode was enabled and updating the frame took a lot of CPU time.
  • Direct3D display mode could be activated if checked even if the option was grayed due to DirectX support being disabled.
  • Capture: Fixed crash if capture is attempted with audio enabled but audio isn\'t present or is in an incompatible format.
  • Reversed direction of mouse wheel action to be consistent with Windows.
  • Hex editor\'s Extract Segment command would sometimes extract the wrong segment due to repainting the main pane during the extract.
  • CLI interface app didn\'t exit if console was empty prior to invocation due to overzealous Explorer detection. This is now only done if no arguments are supplied.
  • Fixed crash in MPEG-1 parser when encountering a pack with a too-short length, such as zero.
  • Audio codec errors sometimes reported the wrong source of the error (i.e. decompressor vs. compressor).
[regressions fixed]
  • Pixel shaders were disabled in Direct3D bicubic mode due to debug code mistakenly left in.
  • MRU list sometimes didn\'t resort properly when reopening a recently opened file.

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