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VirtualDub 1.4.6


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VirtualDub 1.4.6  Änderung der Registrierung

[features added]
  • Enhanced error concealment in MPEG-1 video decoder to reduce picture spew on errors (NOT THE PARSER).
  • \"Drop frames when behind\" can now drop frames before the decoder. This helps with Huffyuv playback.
  • Capture-mode noise reduction now works with UYVY video as well.
[bug fixes]
  • Fixed that blasted Audio Interleaving bug I introduced in V1.4.5.
  • Added sample skip support for audio converter and amplifier filters, to prevent long delays when using subsets with them.
  • \'Save WAV\' now truncates the file if the file you\'re saving over is bigger than the new data it\'s being replaced with.
  • Fixed frame output display not updating when attempting to display same frame after changing filters.
  • Fixed audio interleaving dropping out after a preview.
  • Read errors no longer appear interactively, blocking batch operations.
  • Attempting to shift in capture mode from \'preview with histogram\' to overlay mode no longer switches to preview mode instead.
  • Fixed problem with hardware accelerated preview in capture mode with some ATI video cards.
  • No more of \"1057%% complete\" in Job Control.
  • Changed some of the more embarrassingly bad error messages.

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