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VirtualDub 1.4.13


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VirtualDub 1.4.13  Änderung der Registrierung

[features added]
  • Added frequently-requested Lanzcos3 kernel to resize filter. Can\'t see any difference whatsoever.
[bug fixes]
  • Fixed nasty resize filter bug and RGB24RGB32 conversion errors on odd bitmap widths. (Regressions in 1.4.12)
  • Fixed audio desynchronization when processing compressed audio in direct stream copy mode with both a start offset and deleted segments. Thanks to Cyrius for the bug report and fix.
  • Audio compression system now drops a final partial block from an audio codec -- Microsoft ADPCM was producing these, resulting in a runt AVI stream sample. The new behavior matches that of Sound Recorder.
  • A partial final block no longer triggers the VBR audio adjustment routine.
  • \"Previous keyframe\" from beyond the end no longer seeks to start if frames have been deleted or masked. Also thanks to Cyrius.
  • Fixed crash in MPEG-1 decoder when playing or saving a video stream with D-frames or invalid frame types.
  • B-frame audio skew support is now also enabled for the \'XVID\' video format.

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