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VirtualDub 1.6.7


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VirtualDub 1.6.7  Änderung der Registrierung

[features added]
  • Script: Added support for cast expressions to int/long/double.
  • Video direct-stream path now treats zero-byte (drop) frames as non-essential. A video stream that has been spaced with drop frames to a higher frame rate can now be cleanly converted down as well.
[bugs fixed]
  • Fixed crash when decoding audio from broken or mismatched DV frame.
  • Hierarchical AVI index blocks were being placed outside of RIFF chunks. No known actual incompatibility cases (yet).
  • Fixed occasional crash when using lowpass or highpass filters with a large tap count.
  • Fixed crash on attempting to abort a render when an error had already occurred.
  • Fixed \"cut off audio stream when video stream ends\" sometimes being active even after being disabled.
  • Fixed audio stream being shortened slightly when using audio compression.
  • Capture: Fixed crash in volume meter code triggered by load of DLLs that whack the floating-point control word.
  • Capture: Fixed crash on exit in DirectShow layer caused by shutting down COM too early.
[regressions fixed]
  • Script: Fixed \"method not found\" errors loading .vcfs caused by failure to convert longs to ints.

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