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VirtualDub 1.4.11


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VirtualDub 1.4.11  Änderung der Registrierung

[features added]
  • Added support for reading and writing TARGA (.tga) sequences, with optional RLE compression.
  • Added simple logo filter.
  • Added (not-quite-optimized) HSV filter.
  • The \"Save Image Sequence\" command is now batchable and scriptable.
[bug fixes]
  • Fixed OpenDML files having bad duration values in their index if video frames weren\'t all the same size.
  • Fixed some subset-related position slider glitches.
  • RLE AVI files weren\'t being decompressed correctly (GDI\'s RLE isn\'t the same as AVI\'s RLE).
  • Fixed crash disassembler not disassembling some instructions properly.
  • Fixed glitches in the first three frames of the temporal smoother\'s output.
  • Fix for some MPEG rounding errors (arrgh).
  • AVI parser now accepts and reindexes LIST/movi chunks with 0 sizes.
  • AVI parser no longer drops stream 0 samples at the start of a file when reindexing.
  • AVI video reader detects and flips inverted RGB DIBs.
  • Fixed 1/16th darkened line on left side of \"blur more\" filter.
  • Added support for properly cloned filter data structures.
  • Allowed position control font to enlarge slightly according to screen dpi and fixed font leak.
  • Fixed MIME BASE64 encoding errors at end of codec configuration blocks that probably caused some codec crashes or configuration funniness.
  • Calls to video codecs now eat MMX errors rather than reporting them, to workaround a bug in the MSMPEG4V3 codec that will probably never be fixed.
  • WAV writer now writes out the required \'fact\' chunk for compressed WAVs.
  • Filter preview dialog now sanely reports errors in a non-ugly font.

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