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Feed Demon RC5  Änderung der Registrierung

* Rewritten: Retrieval of synched feeds has been completely rewritten. Note that due to this change, the first feed update after FeedDemon starts may be noticeably slower than in previous builds, but subsequent updates will be much faster.
* Added: "Quick Tag" menu added next to tag icon in newspaper - enables quickly adding/removing a tag
* Added: Hitting spacebar in the newspaper now moves to the next post
* Added: FAQ added to FeedDemon's online help
* Added: Improved synching of flagged items that existed prior to converting to Google Reader
* Added: added to ShortUrl support
* Added: Prefetch options now enable skipping items older than a specific number of days (the default is five)
* Added: Converting a folder to/from Google Reader sync now shows a progress dialog
* Added: Converting a folder to Google Reader now attempts to sync pre-existing flags
* Changed: When updating synched feeds, FeedDemon now requests more items from high-traffic feeds
* Changed: Resync no longer marks synched feeds as read before unread posts have been retrieved from Google Reader
* Removed: Automatic prefetch is no longer available
* Fixed: Deleting or renaming a tag doesn't sync with Google Reader
* Fixed: "Outland" newspaper style missing author and source
* Fixed: FeedDemon fails to record the "gr:original-id" of items in synched feeds
* Fixed: Clippings export uses cryptic title
* Fixed: Dragging a tag onto a browser tab causes the subscription dialog to appear
* Fixed: FeedDemon fails to ask whether to stop working offline when synched feeds are moved
* Fixed: Reappearance of unread/flagged items deleted from synched feeds
* Fixed: Flags in shared items fail to sync
* Fixed: Tags deleted from all items in Google Reader aren't removed from FeedDemon
* Fixed: Database locking error on startup
* Fixed: Items incorrectly grouped as "Older" in newspaper
* Fixed: Images appear in expanded items even when "optimize for slow connections" is enabled
* Fixed: Synchronization update frequency not always honored
* Fixed: FeedDemon waits several minutes before updating feeds after converting to Google Reader

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