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Feed Demon Beta  Änderung der Registrierung

* Added: Popular topics - select "Popular Topics" from the Browse menu or
click the "Popular Topics" toolbutton on the toolbar above FeedDemon's
* Added: In order to tighten security, FeedDemon's newspapers now completely
disable script (details).
* Added: "Blue Vista" newspaper style
* Added: YouTube Video Search added to keyword searches in subscription wizard
* Added: Integration with Windows Live Writer
* Added: "HTTP Logging" added to connection settings (72955)
* Added: "Increase newspaper font size" added to Reading tab in options (44691)
* Added: Performance improvements in synchronization process
* Added: Connection test now checks NewsGator login if it exists
* Added: "Manage Folders" added to synchronization options (73975)
* Changed: "Synchronization Options" moved from main options dialog to Tools
* Changed: The setting to go directly to an item's link when the description
is empty (Options | Browsing) is now disabled by default
* Changed: Newspapers now use a shorter date/time format
* Changed: Gradients were removed from newspapers due to IE7 disabling
ClearType when gradient filters are used
* Changed: Selecting "open post in new tab" now marks the post as read
* Changed: Right-clicks on "fdaction" links are now intercepted before IE's
context menu appears
* Changed: DTDs are now removed from feeds before parsing
* Fixed: FeedDemon doesn't alert to subscription changes at startup unless
at least one synched feed has new content
* Fixed: FeedDemon fails to prompt for proxy login when HTTP 407 encountered
* Fixed: If you pause FeedStation and then delete the last remaining
download, when FeedStation is closed it still warns that downloads are
active (72601)
* Fixed: When automatic unsubscribe is enabled for a feed during the
subscription process, the feed is immediately removed it's empty
* Fixed: FeedDemon reports subscription changes when subfolder has same name
as FeedDemon folder (72981)
* Fixed: If a feed is marked read right after items in it were marked as
unread, those items will come back as unread during the next update
* Fixed: Feedstation fails to download podcasts from (72050)
* Fixed: FeedStation remains in system tray when user attempts to start a
new instance
* Fixed: FeedStation sorts by the full URL rather than just the filename
after the "File" column is clicked (72670)
* Fixed: FeedStation fails to rename redirected podcasts (72231)
* Fixed: Recently read items returning as unread after marking feed(s) read
* Fixed: "Search subscriptions" doesn't support Chinese characters (60694)
* Fixed: Bogus location with the same name as computer created after
activation (73408)
* Fixed: Incorrect information on "Edit Blog Publishing Tool" dialog (73952)
* Fixed: FeedDemon displays OPML import dialog after browsing to a page with
a Grazr panel
* Fixed: Feed's TTL not supported after adding feed (73844)
* Fixed: Corrupt cached feed prevents correct unread count (73368)
* Fixed: Subscription wizard doesn't re-use login supplied to preview (73488)

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