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Feed Demon RC  Änderung der Registrierung

* Added: New startup wizard. Note that this is very incomplete at this stage - the wording, appearance and functionality will all change before the final release.
* Added: "Import Feeds" now enables importing your Google Reader, My Yahoo! and RSS Bandit subscriptions
* Added: Error log now includes video card details, as well as the URL of the page last browsed in FeedDemon (useful for debugging browser-related problems)
* Added: Alert at startup when automatic updating of feeds has been disabled
* Added: Newspaper submenu added to View menu
* Added: "Marquee" progress bar when synching
* Changed: Thousands separator removed from "Panic Button" options
* Changed: Fixed header removed from reports and Surfer newspaper (triggered too many IE CSS-P bugs)
* Fixed: News item list doesn't always update after marking newspaper page as read
* Fixed: Items marked read by the panic button re-appear as unread in unsynched feeds
* Fixed: Images in newspaper jump to the left after clicking an item
* Fixed: Images overlap border of focused item in newspaper
* Fixed: Automatic updating of synched feeds doesn't work reliably

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