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Feed Demon RC  Änderung der Registrierung

* Added: A clippings folder can now be set as the default. Items can be added to the default clippings folder by selecting "Add to Default Clippings Folder" from the context menu, or by pressing "D" when the newspaper has the focus.
* Added: When the option to disable embedded objects in the newspaper has been chosen, embeds are now replaced with an image denoting that the object was removed. Clicking this image will reload the newspaper with embedded objects temporarily enabled.
* Added: "Manage Cache" dialog (File|Manage Cache) now enables backing up FeedDemon's cache
* Added: More performance improvements to newspaper rendering and feed updating (esp. synched feeds)
* Added: "News item font" added to Options|Appearance (changes the font in the news item list)
* Changed: Font in news item list now defaults to Arial Unicode MS when it exists (otherwise it uses the default shell font, as before)
* Changed: "Panic Button" now defaults to appearing when 1000 unread exist (RC2 defaulted to 500)
* Changed: Reverted Ctrl+J behavior back to v2.5's approach, which scrolled the item to the top of the page
* Changed: "Update all feeds" no longer requires waiting for the "Synchronizing..." dialog
* Changed: Removed folder animation during updating
* Fixed: First post isn't focused in the newspaper after moving to the next/previous page
* Fixed: Newspaper continues to display a feed that has just been unsubscribed from
* Fixed: "Popular Topics" doesn't correctly strip blocks from content
* Fixed: First item instead of last item is focused when Ctrl+K navigates to the previous page
* Fixed: News item list isn't updated to reflect read/unread changes synchronized from another location
* Fixed: Automatic prefetch fails when only prefetching images
* Fixed: "Panic Button" forces FeedDemon to the front when it's not the active application
* Fixed: Flagging an expanded or unread post doesn't change the color of the post's title to red
* Fixed: Moving a feed to a folder that's not in the current view adds the folder sorted to the bottom of the subscriptions
* Fixed: Feed sanitizer incorrectly removes ALT attributes containing text with the same name as JavaScript event handlers

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