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Feed Demon RC3  Änderung der Registrierung

* Added: "Disable synchronization" added to Google Reader synchronization options - permanently disables sync between FeedDemon and Google Reader without affecting your Google Reader subscriptions
* Added: "Send anonymous usage data" added to General page in Options (anonymously sends URLs of read/flagged/emailed posts and URLs of added/deleted feeds to NewsGator). This is basically the same as the attention data reporting in previous versions, except that it can be disabled for all feeds instead of just on a per-feed basis.
* Changed: Improved performance when copying or deleting from the news item list
* Changed: "Rerun watch" is significantly faster
* Changed: FeedDemon no longer automatically creates a backup of the feed database - instead, the subscription report reminds to create a backup every two weeks
* Fixed: Accelerators missing from install
* Fixed: Range error editing various numeric settings when current locale uses a thousands separator other than a comma
* Fixed: "File in use" error when rapidly switching between "All Unread Items" and "All Flagged Items"
* Fixed: "Resynchronize" is unreliable
* Fixed: HTTP 404 when updating synched Google Reader feeds containing spaces in their URLs
* Fixed: If FeedDemon detects at startup that an existing instance is already running and is hung, the second instance continues to execute after choosing not to kill first instance
* Fixed: Cleanup Wizard "don't remind me" link appears to do nothing
* Fixed: Google Reader sync options doesn't enforce limit of 500 new items to retrieve per feed
* Fixed: "Database is locked" error at startup

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