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Maxthon Beta  Änderung der Registrierung

# New Features:
* Updated Webkit Core to version.
# Improvements:
* Updated Maxthon Thunder Downloader module.
* Improved the memory usage.
* Improved the support to jQuery - 1.6 x animate.
* Updated Maxthon Thunder Downloader module.
* Updated User Interface, including Address Bar and Side Bar.
* MxSnap could remember image format.* Improved the effect of font rendering.
# Fixes:
* Main Frame
- It did not work when dragged some files into the browser.
- It could not modify the text in Address Bar when used some type methods.
- Side Bar Favorites could not resolve the title correctly when saved some sites as favorites.
- Aero area of the main frame might turn to black when exited full screen.
* Webkit Core
- Improved the support to Webkit extensions.
- Fixed some crash problems.
- Solved some page compatibility problems.* It could use input method when typed in password box.
- It would build an empty folder in the temporary directory when started Maxthon Browser.
- The returned url value of runtime.getPrivateUrl() was unaccessable.
- Some specific download urls could not be resolved.
* Triden Core
- Display error of the popup menu when right clicked some images.
* AdHunter
- It could cause scrolling freeze in some pages when enabled AdHunter.
* Magic Fill
- It could use the saved password in some first-time-visit sites.
- It would delete the password when click the drop-down menu of password box.
- It could not remember the last-used password when a site had several usernames and passwords.

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