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Maxthon Beta  Änderung der Registrierung

# Addition
- New login system
- Optimize Memory usage
- import user data from maxthon guest account

# Fixes
- Fixed wrong password problem after switch account.
- Fixed IE9 render mode invalid problem.
- Fixed an offline mode display problem.
- Fixed the problem that loading animation on tab bar disappear when refresh page.
- Fixed the problem Alipay account fail to login on 360buy in Ultra mode
- Fixed a high-light keyword problem when you find keyword in the page.
- Fixed the problem that cannot logoff on Qzone.
- Fixed the problem that cannot download attachment in some forum.
- Fixed a downloader problem.
- Fixed the problem that file sniffer cannot get hlv file.
- Fixed the problem that Url from file sniffer is incorrect.
- Fixed a displayproblem in Download Mgr
- Fixed a formatproblem in Block Rules Editor
- Fixed problemthat it's invalid to copy Target URL in Download Mgr
- Fixed problemthat sometimes you cannot use ESC to stop a Gif in Retro Mode
- Fixed problemthat when you drag an item in sub-menu of Fav Bar, sometimes Maxthon 3 willclose

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