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Maxthon RC


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Maxthon RC  Änderung der Registrierung

- Option to disable "Ads Blocked" notification window
- send to > groups in tab context menu
- can delete feed history in Browser History > Feed History
- Option to set default download location( Options->Download )
- double click rss link to show a preview of the feeds
- usage tips in status bar (can be turned off in Maxthon Setup Center > Advanced)
- auto activate sidebar when mouse hover the rss and favorites sidebar
- new function to clear individual entered address Tools > Safety > Clean Browser History...

- improve support for RDF format
- reduce CPU usage
- recycle bin is not shown in favorites side bar
- recycle bin is not exported when favorites are exported
- the refresh button in RSS toolbar refresh all feeds
- support more RSS2.0 format
- solve crash when online OPML file is imported
- URL Filter results are also shown in Filter Log
- removed http header filter for better efficiency
- cannot scroll mouse when mouse on RSS sidebar
- option to show text label under button (setup in Customize mode)
- improve efficiency of text filter and added 2 new functions ($MAXPATH $MAXFILECONTENT)

Bug fixes
- crash when "Use IE Proxy Settings" is selected
- certain ad filtering not working
- cannot unselect deleted filter pack
- overwrite problem when adding favorites
- crash caused by certain filter packs
- rss links do not display
- favorites cannot update
- crash when visit localhost
- conflict with the proxy settings of IE7pro
- a problem related to
- a problem of Tab List
- scrollbar problem when page is zoomed
- user defined search engines not properly ordered
- silent crash when external tool is added
- crash when using the Tab List
- cannot save all tabs as group when there is no group
- cannot show scrolling text in certain chat rooms
- the active tab is not activated under certain circumstances
- maxthon does not response when alert/confirmation popup before the last tab is closed

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