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Maxthon Beta  Änderung der Registrierung

# New Features:
- Snap feature(Screen capture, shotcut key: Ctrl+F1) supported various kinds of useful marking and global shotcut key. It also supported pasting the copy image as a file.(For example, copy a image by screenshot, and paste it to desktop as a file)
- Local Avatar editing.
- Reader Mode.

# Improvement:
* Download
- Supported pretreating special characters to avoid download error.

# Fixes:
* Webkit
- Music display problems of some music websites.
- Some no response problems.
- Some web compatibility problems.
- Some core crash problems.
- Proxy switching problems.
- Some problems caused by input method.
* Favorites
- Scroll bar display problem of Set Favorites Bar Display Folder.
* Sidebar
- Disappearing of close button sometimes.
- Page displayed incorrectly sometimes.
- Resizing problem of Favorites in Sidebar.
* Smart Address Bar
- Auto-complete might break the existing content when changed the content in address bar.

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