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RoboForm  Änderung der Registrierung

  • Security Improvement: increasing delay after entry of wrong Master Password.
  • Security Improvement: zero-out freed memory, so that passwords do not get to page file.
  • Windows 8: fix integration issues.
  • Editor: fix moving keyboard focus by Tab key does not work.
  • Editor: fix passwords are shown incorrectly in Passcard Editor, started from outside.
  • MRU Sync: do not use GS sync to synchronize usage info, do direct download/upload instead.
  • Sync, Start Page: Add option to sync Start Page.
  • Sync: allow RF Everywhere password to have non-latin characters.
  • Opera 12+: close opera_plugin_wrapper.exe process too, so that RF addon always installs.
  • Fix Show Login Tip command in MiniDialog does not work.
  • Fix Alt+Click does not force Save for a page with the only non-password field.
  • Win7, BasicAuth: fix sometimes RF may not get real Basic Auth password.
  • Firefox, Chrome: fix not filling passwords if RF Start page is shown in another tab.

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