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RoboForm 7.5.4


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RoboForm 7.5.4  Änderung der Registrierung

  • Firefox: fix Fill & Submit from Identities.
  • Firefox: fix Cannot find Submit button.
  • Firefox: fix not filling some German forms from Identity.
  • Firefox: fix filling of multi-line addresses.
  • Installer: fix waiting for locked files that are mapped.
  • Firefox, etc: Fix crashes.
  • Firefox: fix Only Text Labels, No Icons toolbar option.
  • Firefox: fix Alt+Click to force AutoSave.
  • Firefox: fix floating toolbar may appear for a popup window even if RF JS toolbar is visible.
  • Firefox: fix AutoSave bar does not disappear when switching to another tab.
  • Fix detection of RF keyboard shortcuts on non-English keyboards.
  • Fix matching passcard button shows wrong passcard after deletion in Matching Passcards.
  • Rf2Go: fix attachment after user called FillForms/SaveForms from RF tray icon.
  • Firefox: fix toolbar appearance: main button width, toolbar height with big icons.
  • Chrome, Opera: propagate all JS form filler fixes from Firefox.
  • SDK: fix Cannot load/save safenotes, as file extension is handled incorrectly.
  • Fix language list sorting, do it by display name.

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