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RoboForm 7.7.5


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RoboForm 7.7.5  Änderung der Registrierung

  • Fix Alt + Click does not save login information sometimes.
  • RF IE addon: speed up loading of RoboForm into Internet Explorer.
  • RF Firefox: addon speed up loading of RoboForm into Firefox.
  • Firefox: speed up loading multiple tabs when AutoFill is On.
  • Firefox: fix Sync minidialog is not closed when the Sync button is clicked.
  • Chrome: initial implementation of popup toolbar, to replace lower toolbar.
  • Chrome, Opera: add options page.
  • Remove the EnforceWholeLine options, do it automatically when needed.
  • RF intstaller now always goes through Setup except version update.
  • Fix selection of identity instances is lost after reinstall.
  • Fix sometimes Sync dialog appears in foreground but does not take focus.
  • Fix Email Send dialog appears in background, behind the caller window.
  • Fix not showing Login tips for passcard that have them.
  • Fix Password Generator auto-hides when trying to edit special characters field.
  • Sync: add Rename/Move actions section into the sync analysis view.
  • Sync: fix pressing of 'Enter' key closes Sync dialog.
  • Firefox, Chrome: fix form filling issues on several sites.
  • IE: fix crash on some toolbar chevron uses.
  • Search List: fix flicker and slow updates.
  • Fix parallel form filling in several tabs (several threads), usually try mode.
  • Fix opening of service (help) URLs: open them in the same browser as current.
  • Firefox: fix Basic Auth wnen moz-proxy protocol is used.
  • Win32: fix RF shows 'passcard name is empty' error box.
  • Print List: fix bugs in layout and add localization.
  • Fix menu sometimes overlaps its parent button.

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