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Macrium Reflect 5.1.5396  Änderung der Registrierung

# Release notes menu option
* Release notes menu option now added to the 'Help' menu for free edition users.
# Additional Install Option
* The full installer now has a separate option to install the Windows PE boot menu. Only applies to keys purchased with full Windows PE support (prior to Nov 2012).
# Update for UEFI systems
* Fix Boot Problems now handles multiple EFI partitions on multiple disks. You can now choose which disk to boot from and update the EFI Boot Configuration Data (BCD).
# Improved GPT disk and partition GUID handling
* For GPT full disk clones and restores. Now uses the same Disk GUID as source and maintains the same Partition GUID where possible.
# CD/DVD Engine Logging
* New troubleshooting option in the application defaults to log CD/DVD engine activities.
# Bug fixes:
* 'Fix boot problems' error for EFI/GPT systems
- Update to resolve problem rebuilding the BCD when no drive 'C' can be found in Windows PE.
* 'Fix boot problems' error for Windows 8 systems
- Update to correctly identify Windows 8 partitions.
* Crash when loading disks
- If a Linux EXT2/3/4 file system has a volume label of 16 characters then this could cause a program error. This has been resolved.
* XP boot menu problem
- When uninstalling Reflect the boot menu could remain in Windows XP. This has been resolved.
* BitLocker encrypted drives crash
- Some customers have experienced a program error when loading BitLocker encrypted disks. This has been resolved.
* Crash when checking for updates
- The software could crash if the update checker received an invalid response from the update server. This has been resolved.
* Crash when cloning
- A program error could occur when cloning a GPT disk to non-GPT disk and non-standard data is found in track 0. This has been resolved.

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