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Macrium Reflect 4.2.2866  Änderung der Registrierung

* New Command line image mounting options.
- You can now mount and unmount image and backup files from the command line. Please type 'reflect.exe -h' from a command line for more information on this functionality.
* Unrestricted mounted image browsing
- Previously, if an image that was created on a different PC was browsed then 'private' folders couldn't be accessed. This is because NTFS security prevents, even Administrators, from accessing these folders and files. The 'Browse Image' dialog now allows this by enabling the new option 'Enable access to restricted folders' .
* Windows PE rescue CD update is available.
- Please click the 'Updates' button in the Rescue CD burn wizard for more information.

# Bug fixes:

* Apple Mac hybrid disks
- Macrium Reflect now correctly identifies and allows imaging of Apple Mac 'hybrid' disks. These were incorrectly displayed as GPT disks after the last update.
* DOS batch file fix
- Fixed bug in DOS bat file generation. Previously the generated bat file would not run because it was generated as a Unicode, not ANSI, file.
* Case sensitive file name extensions
- The '.mrimg' and 'mrbak' file name extensions were case sensitive when mounting the file. This meant that changing the file name of the generated file to be upper-case could result in the file failing to mount. This has been resolved.
* Program crash if VSS failed to provide a shadow copy name
- A program crash could occur if Microsoft Volume Shadow copy Service (VSS) completed successfully but failed to allocate a name for the shadow copy file. This has been resolved.

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