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Macrium Reflect 4.2.2733  Änderung der Registrierung

* GPT disk support.
- Reflect can now image and restore GPT disks. This requires purchasing 'Macrium Reflect Additions' add-on. For more information please visit
* Restore images to different hardware - NOT Windows Server
- Macrium Reflect can now enable different hardware to boot your existing Windows installation. A new product called 'ReDeploy' is available in the 'Macrium Reflect Additions' add-on. For more information please visit
* New Disk Space Management options
- The DSM options now include:
> New option to purge old backups based on a specified number of full backups to retain in the backup target directory.
> New option to run the DSM purge before the backup or after a successful backup has run.
* File and folder restore - Restore folder dates
- The file and folder restore process now restores the creation and last modified dates of retored folders.
* Improved speed for File Systems with 512 bytes per cluster
- Reflect could be slow to startup if a large file system was detected with a cluster size of only 512 bytes.
* Image mounting service can now be set to 'Manual' start instead of 'Automatic'
- ReflectService.exe will now be started when required and is not dependant on the 'Automatic' start option to start the service at Windows boot time.

# Bug fixes:

* Disk Space Management for differential images and backups bug
- DSM options were being carried forward from the full image that was being appended to during the differential/Incremental edit process. This has been resolved and the correct DSM values are now stored in the XML file.
* Using 'High Priority' could make Windows very slow to respond during a 'File and Folder' backup with many thousands of folders
- The highest thread priority is now THREAD_PRIORITY_HIGHEST instead of THREAD_PRIORITY_TIME_CRITICAL
* Partition / Disk detection issue
- If a disk had a partition formatted beyond the end of the reported size of the disk then the disk would show no partitions available to image in the Reflect main Window. Reflect now extends the disk size if a partition is greater than the reported disk size.
* Linux Ext partition incremental/differential problem with multiple disks
- If a Linux Ext2/3/4 partition is incremented and Windows detects the local disks in a different sequence after a reboot then Reflect would fail to identify the Linux partition for the incremental / differential image. This has been resolved.
* VBScript - Email not sent for scheduled tasks on Vista/Server 2008
- By default, a subroutine is created in the VBScript source to 'elevate' the VBScript for User Account Control (UAC). The Windows 'User Profile Hive Cleanup Service' was incorrectly closing required registry keys (after 5 minutes) for both Reflect and WScript if the VBScript is scheduled and elevated at run time. A new parameter ("-s") is now passed to any scheduled VBScript source files that disable UAC elevation for scheduled tasks.
* Linux rescue CD compatibility mode error
- When setting the Linux CD for 'Compatibility Mode' this could cause your network interface card (NIC) not to be detected. This has been resolved.
* Program crash if application is closed while scanning disks.
- A program error would occur if Reflect was closed while the scanning disks 'Splash' window was showing. This has been resolved.
* Program crash when deleting a scheduled task
- A program error could occur after deleting a freshly created scheduled task. This has been resolved.
* Memory leak in ReflectService.exe
- A small memory leak has been fixed in ReflectService.exe.

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