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Digsby Beta (build 77)  Änderung der Registrierung

# Major Changes

* Multiformatting: You can now change formatting options like font, bold, italics, and underline on a per-character basis instead of just a per-message basis
* Smarter To/From: If you have multiple accounts of the same protocol, the “From” dropdown in the IM window will not pre-select or fall back to accounts that don't have that person on their buddy list
* Status Tagging: We’ve made it easier to spread the word about Digsby by letting you add a Digsby link to the end of your status messages. You will be notified about this on login with instructions on how to enable/disable it via Preferences > Status
* We're transitioning our URL shortener to use's white label service. Any URLs made from now on are interchangeable with links that have the same ending

# Bug Fixes

* Fixed a bug that caused Twitter to truncate some retweets unnecessarily
* Fixed a bug that caused hidden menu bars show up when changing skins
* Fixed a bug that caused an empty dialog to show sometimes
* Fixed a bug that caused email accounts to break in some cases due to email address typos
* Fixed a bug that caused the bug reporter to count into negative numbers when taking a screenshot
* Fixed a bug that caused Digsby to not detect when you move things like “My Documents” to another location in Windows
* Fixed a bug that caused Facebook to drop the oldest post from the feed every time it updated
* Fixed a bug that caused Digsby to go into a spin if you log in to your Yahoo account from another location
* Fixed a bug that caused emoticons with quotes not to render
* Fixed a bug that caused Digsby to cache vcards for every widget visitor you chat with
* Fixed a bug that caused some character wrapping issues in CandyBars
* Fixed a bug that caused Excel data to paste as an image instead of as text in the IM window
* Fixed a couple memory leaks in the Facebook newsfeed
* Fixed a couple common crash causing bugs
* Fixed a few small bugs with Yahoo HTTP support
* Fixed a small bug related to disconnecting MySpaceIM accounts

# Enhancements

* Trending news items now have a ”?” link on them providing more info about this feature
* You can now shorten URLS in the Global Status dialog and Twitter window via the right click menu
* Better alignment and spacing between elements in dialog boxes
* Added the ability to quickly set status to Available/Away/Invisible in the Win7 jumplist
* Conversations with unread IMs now have an orange background when using Win7 taskbar previews
* After adding an email account to Digsby (except POP/IMAP), you will be asked if you want to invite your contacts to try Digsby
* If a tweet fails to send, the error popup now has an option to copy the contents of the tweet to your clipboard
* Shortened URLs in the input box now have a tooltip with the original URL (for confirming clipboard contents)
* Optimized detection of full screen applications
* Mouse wheel scrolling now works in the IM window for those who have an Intellimouse
* If you choose “Suggest a Feature” and don't have a default mail client, Digsby will let you know
* Added an “Invite Friends” link to the Twitter dialog which allows you to DM your followers with a Digsby invite
* Show metacontact buddy icon in more places like IM window tabs and taskbar previews
* Show menus in the correct location when spawned using the keyboard in a text control
* Upgraded Yahoo protocol to version 17 to support unicode group names and other new features
* Made the infobox 25px wider so social network streams fit better
* Removed static noise from the end of alert sounds
* Added tooltips to Actions Bar buttons on the IM window
* Hitting the Windows key with the buddy list in focus will no longer start a buddy list search

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