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Digsby Beta (build 70)  Änderung der Registrierung

# Major Changes:
* Possibly fixed a crash when returning from hibernate
* Possibly fixed a bug that caused AIM to disconnect a lot while sending IMs
* Potential crash fix

# Bug Fixes:
* Retweeting special characters like ”<” no longer replaces it with ”&lt;”
* Fixed a bug that caused the buddy list to go blank and not show buddies
* Fixed a bug that caused the “New Group” dialog in Twitter to not show everyone you follow
* Fixed a bug that caused Digsby to miss some tweets if you sent a Tweet between update checks
* Fixed a bug that caused Achievements to increment twice as fast if you disconnect/reconnect to the Digsby servers due to network hiccup or hibernate
* Fixed a bug that caused Facebook to pop up a login screen after coming back from hibernate with a dead network instead of failing to connect and letting you retry
* Fixed a CPU spin related to local preferences
* Fixed a bug that caused “Facebook User” to be linked even though we have no data about who made that comment
* Fixed a bug that caused the spell check dotted line to show in the wrong place for some fonts
* Fixed a bug that caused auto-update to not work for some people in corporate environments where is blocked
* Fixed a bug that caused Facebook to get stuck on login when it should have gone to “Failed to Connect”
* Fixes for sending e-mail with Hotmail accounts
* A fix for some Hotmail accounts that were unable to connect
* Selecting “never” for Twitter updates should now work
* You can now log into Twitter via your email address

# Enhancements:
* You can right click on a button in the top bar of the Twitter window and mark all as read in that view
* Digsby will now know your last sent tweet even if it was sent from another client
* Clicking “Reply” or “Retweet” in a popup notification marks that tweet as read, along with clicking next or right clicking to dismiss
* Changed default value for how often to check for directs from 10 minutes to 5 now that Twitter increased the API rate limit
* Added a menu item to the “140” drop down menu in the main twitter window to keep on top of other applications
* You can zoom in/out using Ctrl +/- in the Twitter window or using Ctrl + Mouse wheel
* A new setting for the update frequency for Twitter searches
* An “Update Now” menu entry for Twitter
* A new setting for the Twitter timeline to be “always on top”
* Interacting with Twitter popups will now mark those tweets as “read”

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