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Digsby Beta (build 76)  Änderung der Registrierung

# Major Changes:

* New Skins: The “Windows 7” skin now has 8 new variants by @derekerdmann. Access them via Preferences > Skins
* Windows 7 Support: Digsby takes advantage of jump lists for easy access to common tasks and top buddies (by log size). We also use taskbar grouping to let you jump to conversations, see typing notifications and unread conversation counts
* Better Popups: Social networks will no longer show a separate popup for Alerts and the titles will no longer say “Facebook Newsfeed” with a generic Facebook icon. Instead, you will see the friend's picture and name with a small badge in the top right for each network. You can also comment/like Facebook items right from popups
* Trending News: We've partnered with the folks at OneRiot to bring the latest trending news stories to your social feeds. You can enable/disable via Preferences > General & Profile
* Facebook Dislike: We're amazed by how many people wanted to “Dislike” Facebook posts. The “Dislike Button” Facebook page has over 3.2 million fans! You asked for it, you got it.
* MySpace Newsfeed: We've revamped the MySpace newsfeed to support their new APIs so it looks a lot more like the Facebook/Twitter feeds including the ability to comment on statuses
* MySpace Achievements: Back in September we introduced achievements for Facebook and the functionality is being ported over to MySpace
* Yahoo HTTP Support: Restrictive firewalls and proxies should no longer be an issue for Yahoo Messenger users. Edit the account in preferences and set it to “Always use HTTP”

# Bug Fixes:

* Fixed several bugs with AIM file transfers
* Fixed a bug that caused words to show as misspelled even after being corrected
* Fixed a bug that caused HTML to show in popups for MySpaceIM
* Fixed a bug that caused redirect issues with some proxy servers
* Fixed a bug that caused ESC and other non-alphanumeric keys to trigger a buddy list search
* Fixed a bug that caused Twitter searches to stop updating
* Fixed a bug that caused Digsby to not remember the URL or mail client you told it to use for POP/IMAP accounts
* Fixed a few small bugs related to requesting status messages on ICQ
* Fixed a bug that caused Digsby to lock up when spell checking the unicode star character
* Fixed a bug that prevented Digsby from clearing the “is typing notification” in some cases
* Fixed a bug that caused Invisible not to work when setting it as a custom status for a particular account
* Fixed a bug that caused window sizes to not get remembered when using Aero snap to make the window full height
* Fixed a bug that caused scrollbars to not show in the IM window profile viewer
* Fixed a bug that caused links to open in Digsby's browser instead of your default browser in Twitter in some cases
* Fixed a bug that caused MSN Messenger authorization requests not to show until you sign out and back in
* Fixed a bug that caused gibberish to be added to multipart SMS IMs over AIM protocol
* Fixed a bug that caused privacy settings to not update visually for MSN accounts after you change them and go back to preferences
* Fixed a bug that caused some links in the LinkedIn newsfeed to not open
* Fixed a few of the most commonly reported crash causing bugs
* Fixed a few memory leaks
* Fixed a bug that caused the Facebook newsfeed to break

# Enhancements:

* You can now filter the Facebook newsfeed using a dropdown menu to show only certain types of stories
* The log viewer will now show people's nicknames instead of usernames so ICQ and Facebook users won't show up as 13371337 in the chat logs
* Added auto-complete support to Twitter when you type ”@” or “d ”
* If Facebook login via browser fails or you close the browser, it will go to an authentication error state instead of disabling/disappearing
* Yahoo authentication errors are more specific now, letting you know if there is a lock on your account or if the username/password is invalid
* Digsby will no longer auto-respond to blocked contacts
* Blocking a buddy on AIM will set your AIM privacy level to “block those on block” list if it is currently set to “allow all”
* Fixed a bug that caused Twitter not to reconnect after hibernate
* Added a wizard for new users to add their accounts on login
* Show music note on buddy list when using now playing status even if extended fonts are missing
* Added a [?] link to some areas to link to the FAQ for things like Digsby Achievements
* Subsequent Facebook newsfeed updates after the initial login have been optimized to use less bandwidth and CPU
* The file transfer dialog no longer steals focus when it pops up
* Better icon scaling when setting buddy icon on MSN Messenger accounts
* Digsby will no longer freeze while waiting for your browser to launch after you click a link

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