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X-Chat 2.6.7


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X-Chat 2.6.7  Änderung der Registrierung

  • Fixed errors in the Finnish translation that caused highlighted messages not to wrap correctly.
  • Improved the fallback routine when you receive non-UTF8 messages. It can now handle CP1252 from mIRC users and the ISO-8859-15 Euro symbol.
  • Added CHANOPT command for setting channel specific options such as showing of joins and part, beep on message and color paste.
  • /CLEAR HISTORY will clear your command history.
  • The /QUERY command now has -nofocus arg, which scripts might find useful.
  • You can now /set gui_url_mod 0, to allow left-clicking URLs (default is 4, for CTRL).
  • Advanced users can /set tab_small 2, to get _extra_ small tabs.
  • Added /SPLAY .
  • Fixed /reconnect and auto-reconnect issue [1525383].
  • Fixed \"restricted mode\" errors in the Python plugin.
  • Plugin Interface:
    • The second args to xchat_list_int and xchat_list_str can now be NULL as a shortcut to \"channels\" list for current context only.
    • Added bits 6-8 to the field \"flags\" in the \"channels\" list.
    • /GUI MSGBOX can now contain Pango markup.
    • Added -m arg to /MENU. See plugin20.html for more.
    • Fixed using the /MENU args -p and -e at the same time.
  • Perl Plugin (Lian Wan Situ)
    • Fixed a bug with Xchat::print that prevents printing out a single 0.
    • Fixed a bug in Xchat::get_prefs that was clobbering the stack.
    • Allow scripts that use a non-existent function for the shutdown callback to be unloaded.
    • Added check in set_context for undef.
    • Added the fields from get_list \"channels\" for the current context to the result of context_info.

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