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X-Chat 2.6.0


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X-Chat 2.6.0  Änderung der Registrierung

  • Message boxes are now warning, error or info with appropriate icon.
  • Red marker line feature enabled by default.
  • Added /SEND [file] which will automatically switch to PSEND when detecting a private net address.
  • Simplified default nick-right-click menu.
  • Show \"Last Talk\" in nick-right-click menu as \"minutes ago\".
  • Strip mIRC colour from away message in right-click menu.
  • Warn when opening banlist in non-channel.
  • Reorganised and simplified IRC/Server menus and new View menu.
  • The editable Server menu is no more, if you want it type /set gui_usermenu 1 and restart.
  • Option to view channels in tabs or tree structure.
  • Shorter titlebar text for better viewing in taskbar.
  • Removed \"Connect in new tab\" button in server list, it now does it intelligently. Use stock Connect icon.
  • Removed \"Tint (shade) transparency\" item from settings and figure it out based on tint values.
  • When closing a tab, re-focus the one near by, instead of always the last.
  • Firefox style close button.
  • The lag and throttle metres now have tooltips that give you real information (hover the pointer over them).
  • Added workaround to show on-join ChanServ notices in the right tab.
  • Tab scroll buttons are now side-by-side when in vertical mode.
  • Automatically change key shortcut of \"Marked Away\" if the translation already uses ALT-A for the Help menu (e.g _Aide in French).
  • Your nickname in the bottom-left corner now turns gray when you are marked away, just like the userlist.
  • Introduced a delay before joining channels, to allow for FreeNode\'s short comings. If a umode +e is received it\'ll send auto-join channels immediately.
  • Plugin API: Added win_ptr to xchat_get_info.
  • Non-irc (utility) tabs can now be detached aswell.
  • Fixed behaviour problems of the userlist pane, which might be set incorrectly if the window was resized while a server-tab is focued.
  • Added a confirm-dialog when trying to close a server-tab with children.
  • Server list\'s edit window now gives you an option of a network specific \"Second choice\" nickname.
  • Auto detect RusNet and use /NICKSERV to identify instead of /MSG.
  • Added /Ghost command.
  • Fixed: The WHOIS away-line ignored irc_whois_front setting.
  • Scroll-wheel now works while hovering over a tab (Khisanth).
  • The input box right-click menu now has bold, underline and italic.
  • irc:// URLs in your web browser are now opened in an existing xchat window, if one is running.
  • WIN32: Auto-loading perl scripts now also works from: C:\\Program Files\\XChat\\Plugins\\
  • Better command-line parameter parsing via GOption. See near bottom of this document for a list of possible arguments.
  • When inserting unprintable character codes (Color, Bold, Underline or ctrl-shift-a for new-line), they now display a box (previously they didn\'t show up at all).
  • Tab completion order can now be in \"last talk\" order if you /set completion_sort 1 (default is alphabetical order).
  • Reworked Character Chart window so you can actually find your char.
  • The time stamp format now supports a few more items that were only available on Linux previously: %C, %D, %e, %F, %k, %l, %P.
  • Included the choice of \"Eye Candy Theme\" during installation.
  • Included OpenSSL 0.9.7i libraries.

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