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WinSCP 5.1.3


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WinSCP 5.1.3  Änderung der Registrierung

  • Masking out password in open command in logs. 957
  • Location of XML log file can be configured in .NET assembly.
  • Bug fix: Several flaws in file mask validation on Edit mask dialog.
  • Bug fix: Selecting and filtering files using exclude mask only was not working. 951
  • Bug fix: Failure to open session in scripting from command line was not reported in exit code. 953
  • Bug fix: Session settings TunnelHostKey was not working. 948
  • Bug fix: Path word-breaking was not working on most dialogs. 954
  • Bug fix: Timeout while waiting for user to enter password with FTP protocol. 955
  • Bug fix: Newly created local directory is not opened with synchronized browsing. 956
  • Bug fix: Cannot change local folder anymore after system-wide change, when local tree is hidden. 959
  • Bug fix: Failure in Session.Open on x64 systems. 960
  • Bug fix: Failure when starting as user without desktop. 961

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