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WinSCP 3.6.5


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WinSCP 3.6.5  Änderung der Registrierung

  • This beta is released in English version only.
  • Directory tree display. Available both for remote and local (Commander interface only) panels. The tree may be used as both source and target of drag&drop operations.
  • Function Keep remote directory up to date was completely remade:
    • Subdirectories are now optionally synchronized (maximal number of subdirectories being watched is 62).
    • Arbitrary two directories can be synchronized.
    • Obsolete files may be deleted (optionally).
    • Function is newly available in Explorer interface too.
  • Files matching given mask may be excluded from file transfer and synchronization.
  • Option New and update file(s) only to transfer files that either does not exist in the target directory or whose timestamp is greater than target file timestamp. Similar functionality has new button Newer only on overwrite confirmation dialog.
  • Local change drive down menu contains links to folders My documents and Desktop (Commander interface only)
  • Files copied to clipboard may be pasted both to remote and local (Commander interface only) panels. Keyboard shortcut is Ctrl-V.
  • When handling scp:// or sftp:// URL, which includes path without trailing slash, the file or directory it points to i

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