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Winamp 5.56 (Full)


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Winamp 5.56 (Full)  Änderung der Registrierung

  • New: Winamp Orgler plugin - Let's you track, chart & share your listening history
  • Improved: [jnetlib] New SSL support for playback of https:// streams
  • Improved: [ml_autotag] Fuzzy matches now unchecked by default & marked 'Unsure'
  • Improved: [ml_local] New background scanner
  • Improved: [ml_online] Various tweaks, fixes & enhancements
  • Improved: [ml_pmp] Added support for drag+drop from Explorer to device playlists
  • Fixed: iexplore process not ending when browser closed after opened via Winamp
  • Fixed: Save EQ preset name duplication bug
  • Fixed: [Bento skin] SHOUTcast homepage url's redirecting to Winamp search
  • Fixed: [gen_jumpex] Up/down buttons reversed, 'stop after current' & other issues
  • Fixed: [in_mod] Crash on some .s3m modules (w.i.p.)
  • Fixed: [in_mod] Playback glitch during background transcoding
  • Fixed: [in_wm] Decimal point issues in Alt+3 format info
  • Fixed: [in_wm] Embedded IE browser for DRM license acquisition
  • Fixed: [in_wm] Loading of URLs in WPL playlist files
  • Fixed: [in_mp4/libmp4v2] Integer overflow bug with MP4 sample size
  • Fixed: [libsndfile] VOC buffer overflow vulnerability
  • Fixed: [ml_impex] Read "has video" field from iTunes XML (and write on export)
  • Fixed: [tagz.w5s] Hang with $right function in ATF when specified field is empty
  • Fixed: [vis_avs] msvcp71.dll dependency
  • Misc: Added front.jpg/gif/etc to album art criteria
  • Misc: More miscellaneous general tweaks, improvements, fixes and optimizations
  • Misc: New omBrowser.w5s shared component for ml_nowplaying, wire & online
  • Misc: Removed dashboard (ml_dash) from distribution
  • Misc: ml_orb now only installed as part of separate Winamp Remote package
  • Updated: [gen_jumpex] JTFE v1.0.5
  • Updated: libsndfile 1.0.20

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