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Winamp 2.00


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Winamp 2.00  Änderung der Registrierung

  • New codebase -- rewrote darn near everything from scratch.
  • New GUI for EQ and Playlist -- yes, they're skinnable.
  • New skinnable cursors for player.
  • New playlist functions -- playback, windowshade mode, visualization...
  • New, more accurate EQ.
  • New output plug-in type, new support for DirectSound!
  • New funkomatic about screens
  • Three new hidden easter eggs!
  • New options for in-player visualization.
  • New format for DSP plug-ins (sorry, 1.x DSP plugins don't work any more)
  • New dynamic link section, with selectable web updates!
  • New tone generator plug-in -- 40hz, baby!
  • Pitch shifting, voice removal, echo DSP plug-in included.
  • About 3 bajillion other improvements -- too many to list!

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