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Shareaza Beta


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Shareaza Beta  Änderung der Registrierung

MikeW Updated list of known caches
Rolandas Updated by crf
Rolandas Replaced eDonkey2000 with eDonkey
Rolandas Added black border around and changed aspect ratio
Rolandas Removed duplicate resource IDs by renumbering controls
dcat Fixed bug where fonts added by a skin would not be unloaded when the skin was unloaded. Fonts added with AddFontResourceEx() must be removed with RemoveFontResourceEx() and fonts added with AddFontResource() must be removed with RemoveFontResource().
dcat Added sorting by country to search.
Rolandas Updated by Felipe
MikeW Moved gwc. From kevogod
dcat Removed redundant "Find" label from Library window toolbar. Added in separator to the left of the find control box.
dcat Added support for changing underline, italic, and bolditalic fonts through skinning.
wildcard_25 Use initialisation lists in constructors for downloads
wildcard_25 Minor Optimisations
wildcard_25 Prevent bittorrent source starvation
wildcard_25 Integrate multi-tracker events with single-tracker events better
wildcard_25 Prevent auto-search for bittorrents when not connected to G2 network. Increase 'Searching' text oscillation to 10 seconds
Rolandas Updated by Neglacio
dcat Fixed bug where Active and Hover button states were reversed. (SkinVista)
wildcard_25 Allow bittorents to initiate upload connections when seeding
MikeW Version to
dcat Added a logout button to the WebUI. Thanks to Jonne for the HTML. (ref:
MikeW Added Content-Disposition support. Fixes issue at
dcat Updated the Node Information page to use more CSS and fewer tables. (Cyko_01 -
dcat Missed an unneeded class.
Rolandas Included .co enxtenion to the collection schema
dcat Moved the HTML for generating the Neighbours list out of the C++ code and into About.htm for easier editing in the future.
Rolandas Updated by Neglacio
Rolandas Updated by Felipe
Rolandas Updated by Neglacio
Rolandas Resetting max spin button values in the Downloads setting page
Rolandas Fixed Remote-IP headers (SGSSGene)
raspopov Added forgotten ".SparseThreshold"
Rolandas More detailed vendor-specific UPnP device error messages.
dcat Don't try to load an index that is past the end of the list.
dcat Removed use of ceil() for calculating the number of rows. In Release builds ceil() causes the wrong calculation in this case and isn't needed either. Fixed #6.
dcat Fixed several minor bugs in the language selection dialog and made it simpler.
dcat Scrolling fix.
dcat Forgot to commit this with r5510.
wildcard_25 Expose Transfer.Ranges, Transfer.Completed, Transfer.Verify.Pass & Transfer.Verify.Fail to the skin engine.
Rolandas Fixed tracker list cleaning code
Rolandas Added support to change fonts in all dialogs and rescale resource templates to resize the dialogs (resizing doesn't work everywhere); Changed the default font for Vista to Segoe UI.
Rolandas Updated project file
Rolandas Updated project file
Rolandas Updated project file
wildcard_25 Fix display bug when torrent completes and starts seeding while expanded.
raspopov Attemt to fix:
Rolandas Don't add peers having the same PeerID as ours from the scrape results
Rolandas Don't ban peers which we unable to connect when seeding
Rolandas Send numwant=0 when seeding is started
Rolandas Added detection of self IP for BT using UPnP, when only BT is active
Rolandas Attempt to fix BT crash (let's test it)
wildcard_25 Fix memory leak and various other bugs from single/multi-tracker integration.
dcat Include the current page's caption in the settings dialog caption.
dcat Fall back to using just the dialog caption ("Shareaza Settings") if the page caption is empty for some reason. It shouldn't ever be hopefully.
wildcard_25 Tracker handling code clean up
dcat Fixed indenting in the settings RichDoc pages. doesn't have a "margin" attribute but instead uses "indent".
dcat Fixed bug where hovering over TaskBox headers wouldn't cause the hand cursor to appear. Fixed #9.
dcat Fixed drawing artifact in Task Panels that happens when TaskBoxes overlap each other. (
dcat Fixed the XML encoding of the Remote/Web UI HTML pages. (thanks crf)
Rolandas Updated by Neglacio
Rolandas Included missing columns for the Search window
Rolandas Translated missing columns for the Search window
Rolandas Translated missing columns for the Search window (Neglacio)
dcat Changed the home view search box to correctly use the document's margin.
wildcard_25 Always process bittorrent multi-tracker tiers from top to bottom when starting to search for an active tracker. Try each tracker 3 times before moving onto next.
Rolandas Translated missing columns for the Search window (Felipe)
dcat Removed no longer needed, commented code.
dcat Fix for loading BMPs from resources.
dcat Added support for loading external bitmap files other than BMPs to the RichDoc element.
ale5000 Added setting Discovery.DisableG1GWC
dcat Didn't mean to leave the CBitmap in there.
wildcard_25 Fix for
ale5000 Setting permissions for Complete, Incomplete, Torrent, Collection and Data folders in the installer (with multiuser unchecked). It need testing under Windows Vista.
ale5000 Added gwc protocol that will be used in the upcoming version of Skulls gwc
ale5000 Changed DisableG1GWC to EnableG1GWC
wildcard_25 Display bug fix for
Rolandas Fixed Content-Disposition filename parameter decoding (Kobayan)
Rolandas Fixed a crash when modal dialogs are being opened and when exiting from Shareaza (ref:
Rolandas Merged CyberBob's patch (some cleaning of previous patches perhaps is needed)
raspopov Fixed CIconButtonCtrl and CSchemaCombo behaviour (ENTER, SPACE keys) Re-enabled Home window search by ENTER key Renamed Setup() method to OnSkinChange() method (only renaming)
raspopov Fixed search window "Start" and "Clear" buttons naming
raspopov Reverted
Rolandas Fixed bug #7. ("Found X shared files" text overwritten in browse host window.)
Rolandas Really fixed the previous bug and removed profile verification for the Browse Host header (we needed to check if the nick was present only)
MikeW Unchecked uPnP task during setup by default
MikeW Fixed IsFirewalled() returning true when no TCP Handshakes received
MikeW Implemented Local Node Information Firewalled flag G2 Extension from GnucDNA. Using better logic to not send ping relay requests to hosts reporting FW. Helps fix broken FW Detection bug
MikeW Accidentally commented alpha define
Rolandas Small fix from Neglacio in translation
Rolandas Quick workaround to not sent numwant not zero when seeding.
Rolandas Rolled back previous patch. The real patch is pending.
Rolandas Don't add sources for seeding torrent.
Rolandas Manifest compatibility fix (a178235)
Rolandas Fixed misunderstanding of behaviour (it wasn't a bug but the debugging feature)
Rolandas Removed scrollbar for Windows Vista (SkinVista)
Rolandas Fixed broken 100%-completed notification by color for torrents (SkinVista)
raspopov Fixed schema combobox control
Rolandas Two more places where banning was removed for seeded files (BT fix + performance improvement)
Rolandas Don't waste on G2 datagrams when not connected to G2
ale5000 If shareaza is installed as multiuser, now HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT things are in HKEY_CURRENT_USER otherwise they are in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. On Windows 9x-ME-nt4 they are always in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (It need to be tested under all OS). Extended GetInt, GetString, SetInt, SetString in registry.cpp to read/write the entire registry.
dcat Updated the CleanBlue skin to use more of the skinning engine.
ale5000 Setting permissions in the setup on registry keys when shareaza isn't installed as multiuser.
MikeW ale5000's UAC patch too early. Commented out startup alert
Rolandas Updated by crf
Rolandas Updated by crf
Rolandas Disabled UPnP detection by default
Rolandas Fixed bug where number of files in G1 packet exceeded the actual number. Ref:
MikeW Put back ale5000s Vista UAC changes. Including in
MikeW Rolling SMART_VERSION back to 47. Removing forceful upgrade disable of UPnP
MikeW Bumping version to
MikeW uPnP control taking setting from if it was set previously. Behavour was: Always enable uPnP.
Rolandas Sorry guys, fix for the previous patch but this time for G2 query hits.

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