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Shareaza Beta


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Shareaza Beta  Änderung der Registrierung

- Removed hardcoded 30 secs for UPnP timeout, replaced with 10 secs timeout after the last event.
- Fixed temp file deletion when autoseeding is turned off.
- Disabled DIPP support by default (moved to experimental advanced settings).
- Fixed zero peerID.
- Real fix of Normal mode crash after the fresh install.
- Fixed case of STRISTATE.
- Remove BT clients from upload queue after receiving Cancel or Uninterested packets when seeding.
- Fixed plugin windows skinning (the windows now can be translated from the language XML files).
- Updated Queue properties dialog (supports skinnable protocol icons).
- Increased default width for the "Extension" column.
- Merged search panel from CyberBob's branch.
- All protocol icons are skinnable now.
- Made download sources icons skinned.
- Fixed invalid command ID and added IDs for HTTP, FTP and BT protocols.
- Added custom skin-icon support for Home panel boxes.
- Fixed autoseeding/tracker updates when multiple files are seeded.
- Merged code from CyberBob? branch to fix searches from metadata panel.
- Fixed broken GUI mode switches.
- Updated ICQ link.
- Added cursors for scheduler.
- Fixed soundType syntaxis.
- Fixed search result filtering when searched by entering terms in metadata box (ed2k was mainly affected).
- Implemented metadata spam filter.
- Added some buffer overrun checks/preventions.
- Force binding IP update fixed (thanks to dcat).
- Removed from the IP dropdown boxes on the Connection settings page.
- Memory leak fixed when torrent source file was not found.
- Torrent autoseeding fixed when the single-file torrent source was removed manually.
- Workaround to have typelib opened in VB applications.
- Tracker request memory leak fixed.
- Updated the list of BT client peer IDs.
- Workaround to open partial image files in the Image Viewer.
- Improved BT packet reading: subsequent keep-alive packets are treated as one.
- Removed EOLs from XML metadata.

- Added lock in function CDownloadsWnd::OnDownloadsClearComplete().
- Implemented Large File support on eDonkey, it needs testing, if you want use you must enable this: eDonkey.LargeFileSupport
- Temporary fix for ed2k server connection bug. Ref:
- Added Missing QueryKey? child packet for search from firewalled nodes (without this, you can expect Performance down if your UDP port is closed).
- Fixed error feeding X-Try-Ultrapeer? to X-Try-DNA-Hubs?.
- Ported "Fix for GUI bug on ED2K PUSH DownloadTransfer/Source IP address, on downloadlist and download tooltip" from CyberBob? branch.
- Ported "Link handler for bootstrap discovery types" from CyberBob? branch.
- Blocked PrivateIP gets into m_pHost data member (prevent QueryHit? with PrivateIP).
- Fixed "urn:" in Gnutella Query packet. Ref:
- Should send out LNI packet before even start sending QHT.
- Patched Bug which prevent reading CachedHosts? given from remote node(i.e. X-Try-Ultrapeers?, X-Try-Hubs), if the response code is not 200.
- Trial Fix for BT transfer problem.
- Fixed Access Violation Error in CRouteCache.
- Added code to recover Memory Allocation failure.

CyberBob & ale5000
- Separated firewall check to UDP and TCP.

- Added edit box to Add Shares dialog.
- Added metadata handling during file operations (copy/move).
- Added $(IntDir) to additional include directories of resource compiler since Shareaza.tlb placed there.
- Fixed long raza's home folder path.
- All LoadResource() paired with FreeResource().
- My version of Normal mode fix ^_^.
- Added DDE transactions filters (optimization).
- Fixed main windows menu and its submenus handlers leak (one leak per skin change).
- Fixed dockbar brush handler leak (one more time -_-).
- Removed unused method (DDECallback).
- Changed Library locking timeout from INFINITE to 1000 ms.
- Drag-n-drop optimization (avoidance of drag helper object precreation).
- Fixed (rare) deadlock when files dropped to Media window.
- Fixed GDI handler leak (mainwindow dockbar background brush).
- Fixed main window drag-n-drop (torrents and urls drops).
- Fixed resources leak of m_hGDI32, m_hPowrProf (Shareaza.cpp).
- Fixed uninitialized member - m_rcMirror (SkinWindow.cpp).
- Optimized Library locking (less restrictive).
- Fixed interface leak (IImageServicePlugin).
- Fixed uninitialized members - m_rcVideo, m_rcStatus (CtrlMediaFrame.cpp).
- Optimized drag-n-drop (added point of drag).
- Fixed double deletion CBTInfo by CShareazaURL.
- Drag-n-drop optimization: default file action setted to "move" (temporary fix), shell drop helper object now optional (but ugly ^_^), file operations now threaded (no more "hung-ups" on long file operations).
- Added code to remove outcoming UDP-packets with false bAck flag from "acknowledge waiting queue" immediately after they sended (primarily for PI/PO UDP-packets).

- Reverting change, Endoffset is supposed to be equal to file size.
- Added menu separator after "Show Tool Bar" since "Show Navigation Bar" and "Show Tool Bar" are mutually exclusive.
- Fixed ed2k 0-0 byte request bug.
- Fixed ed2k bug where the end range request was 1 byte past the end of the file's length.
- Added comments clarifying which type of message corresponds to which color.
- QWORDs are unsigned.
- Only invalidate the area where the scheduler is drawn so that the rest of the page won't flicker on a redraw.
- Highlight the entire row or column whenever the left edge or top edge is hovered over, respectively, to indicate which blocks will be changed by clicking.
- Replaced the Scheduler configuration's "paint" feature with the ability to toggle whole rows or columns.
- Increased the height of the "Download Manager" groupbox to eliminate wasted space.
- Increased the drop down height of the "Show rates in" combobox to eliminate scrolling.
- Changed ON_CBN_CLOSEUP to ON_CBN_SELCHANGE so that the up/down arrows will also cause updates to get fired.
- Limit the port field to 5 digits.
- Added the "nowarn" switch to disable the alpha warning on startup.

- Now when Settings.eDonkey.LearnNewServers is FALSE, Shareaza say to the server that we don't want servers list.
- Resetted Settings.General.GUIMode when it contains a wrong value.
- Ported "Restored G2 BTIH Search functionality" from CB branch.
- You can now choose if share or not a incomplete file if it is paused.
- Attempt to recover from failed Handshakes.Listen(). Ref:
- Fixed crash in Normal mode.
- Changed the name of FirewallStatus? to avoid problems.
- Updated ED2K clients recognition.
- Replaced SHGetFolderPath with SHGetSpecialFolderPath so that it doesn't need IE 5 (but IE 4 :-) ).
- It change GUI Mode in the quickstart wizard only if there isn't already.
- Added new connection speeds.
- Some fixes in the quickstart wizard.
- Now it doesn't add B/s when MAX is selected in bandwidth limit.
- Fixed eDonkey warning displayed when it shouldn't be.
- eDonkey.MetAutoQuery is now enabled by default, but it is almost never used so there aren't abuse problems.
- Fixed all connection problems on all networks.
- Download and upload speed are now separated in the quickstart wizard.
- Added the function OnChangeConnectionSpeed() to update setting when you set connection speed from the quickstart wizard (this function could be used from others parts of code in the future).
- Now Shareaza is set to auto check the firewall status by default.
- "Connection.RequireForTransfers" was both in download settings and in advanced settings.
- Changed default value of some settings.
- Fixed the workaround for fake low-id on startup.
- Fixed bug: menu shows "Connecting..." when all networks are disabled (reported by Rolandas).
- Fixed one place where connection still mess with EnableToday?.
- Now the scheduler use also the setting: Gnutella2.EnableAlways
- Fixed bug that doesn't allow to disconnect when seeding a torrent (reported by Rolandas).
- Connection, disconnection no longer mess with state of the networks so DetectConnectionLoss? and DetectConnectionReset? doesn't cause "enableToday" of networks to be changed.
- You can now disable all networks and leave connection enabled so you can use BitTorrent without other networks.
- Changed type of some log messages.
- Added new type of log message: MSG_DISPLAYED_ERROR - it behave as MSG_ERROR but it is displayed also when VerboseMode? is off (thanks to dcat for the help).
- Added some comments about log message types.
- Moved the setting of VerboseMode? and RatesInBytes? from the setup to shareaza.
- UserPath? and IncompletePath? are created if they doesn't exist.
- VirtualFiles? changed only one time.
- If complete, incomplete, collection or torrent folder doesn't exist, now it is resetted to default path (in the setup). Ref:
- When you select if the setup must be multiuser or not, it will be remembered when you will re-install it in another user.

- Unnordered list assert fix.
- 32bit shift too large for variable warning fixed when compiled with VS 2005.
- Unreachable code warnings fixed when compiling on VS2005.
- X-Nalt? fix.
- Fixed random cache writing loop.

- BT packet reading fixed.

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