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PowerArchiver 11.70


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PowerArchiver 11.70  Änderung der Registrierung

  • Auto complete support in Extract and Select folders - Previously we have only history MRU there but now you have both - you can easily use auto complete to find folder you want to extract to as well as have list of most recently used folders when you click on drop down arrow.
  • Extract to filename/ option in Extract window - Often requested feature is now here - click to have archive automatically go into folder with its own name. Less typing for you!
  • Improved help system - all of our tutorials are now connected with our YouTube channel, so newbie users can easily go there and get some video tutorial help!
  • Smaller Installations. Our current installer is between 9 and 10 MB. We wanted to decrease update size to under 3 MB if possible. – result: updates as low as 500kb, almost 20x smaller than before!
  • Less interaction. You already have PowerArchiver installed and running. You do not need to interact with properly done update. Target was to lower number of clicks needed to 4. result: 1 click if you use silent update process in Vista/Windows 7, no clicks in XP!
  • Overall time for update. While 65 seconds is not bad, why not target 30 seconds or less? Lets do it! result: less than 2 seconds to update!

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