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PowerArchiver 11.00 Beta 4  Änderung der Registrierung

Version 11.00 BETA 4 [August/2008]
Major new features and PRO version introduction

* Faster startup speed 10-30%. Less memory usage.
* CD/DVD/BD Burner: added verify option.
* Virtual Drive: added option to limit number of drives for
easier remounting.
* Improved RAR associations and shell integration.
* Added folders to include/exclude in backup.
* Enlarged folder selection window for easier use.
* Many other smaller improvements and fixes.

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed Bug #744: Issue with temp folder and 7-Zip.
* Fixed Bug #737: View selection issue.
* Fixed Bug #726: MV rar extraction in 64bit shell.
* Fixed Bug #724: Importing sessions in Burner.
* Fixed Bug #728: Changing skins.
* Fixed Bug #725: Multi extract drive select.
* Fixed Bug #730: Vertical position of preview/backup.
* Fixed Bug #672: PA Starter queue keyboard delete.
* Fixed Bug #719: Nag screen different expiration main/shell.
* Fixed Bug #717: 7-Zip SFX asking to overwrite file.
* Fixed Bug #718: New Folder option in explorer view.
* Fixed Bug #701: Plugins detect info and support for SWFView.
* Fixed Bug #729: Opening any other MV file than .rar.

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