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phpBB 3.0.10


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phpBB 3.0.10  Änderung der Registrierung


  • [PHPBB3-5506] - Deleting all items from last page results in empty list display
  • [PHPBB3-6458] - Width of Topics and Posts columns in Board Index is causing problems with language packs
  • [PHPBB3-7138] - Cannot display simple header/footer with trigger_error()
  • [PHPBB3-7291] - Broken links of char selection in memberlist
  • [PHPBB3-7932] - Fix font size in select boxes
  • [PHPBB3-8094] - Text in the forums.php and install.php not matching
  • [PHPBB3-8173] - Redundant BBCode helpline in JS
  • [PHPBB3-8177] - February 29th birthdays not shown in non-leap year
  • [PHPBB3-8571] - Users can make their age a negative number on memberlist
  • [PHPBB3-8691] - Error creating log_time index
  • [PHPBB3-8937] - Code tags - single space indent
  • [PHPBB3-9008] - Incorrect unread topic tracking for unapproved topics
  • [PHPBB3-9066] - Invalid Prefix Names Allowed
  • [PHPBB3-9416] - HTML entities in poll titles and options incorrectly re-encoded
  • [PHPBB3-9525] - Minimum characters per post/message should never be '0'
  • [PHPBB3-9645] - XHTML error on phpinfo page in ACP
  • [PHPBB3-9776] - When deleting and recreating a poll, old options aren't deleted and reappear with the new ones
  • [PHPBB3-9956] - No error message displayed when disapprove reason is invalid or empty
  • [PHPBB3-9976] - Direct post links open the wrong page of viewtopic when multiple posts are posted in the same second
  • [PHPBB3-9978] - Missing semicolons in // <![CDATA[ part of overall_header.html
  • [PHPBB3-10087] - Limited browser support for ban exclusion emphasis
  • [PHPBB3-10157] - Missing error handling when a custom profile field is not defined for current language
  • [PHPBB3-10166] - Post-admin activation email confusingly refers to username
  • [PHPBB3-10187] - XHTML error in ucp_groups_manage.html
  • [PHPBB3-10190] - Misleading information about permissions displayed after editing forum settings
  • [PHPBB3-10212] - Captcha not displayed when username not exists
  • [PHPBB3-10216] - Updater's failed query language grammatically incorrect
  • [PHPBB3-10226] - Mysqli dbal extension does not allow connection via pipes
  • [PHPBB3-10227] - Mysqli dbal extension does not allow persistent connection for PHP >= 5.3.0
  • [PHPBB3-10237] - Unwatching a forum/topic does not check for correct hash parameter
  • [PHPBB3-10240] - Word filter evasion
  • [PHPBB3-10253] - IE9 Quote problem
  • [PHPBB3-10255] - gitignore ignores too much
  • [PHPBB3-10257] - AAAA record parsing fails on older versions of Windows
  • [PHPBB3-10259] - Incorrect email on joining Open group
  • [PHPBB3-10265] - Unit test tests/random/mt_rand.php is not run because of missing _test suffix.
  • [PHPBB3-10266] - Poor navigation links after reporting a post
  • [PHPBB3-10267] - Missing strlen() on $table_prefix in db tools index name length check
  • [PHPBB3-10274] - Hardcoded module ID in "Re-check version" link on ACP front page
  • [PHPBB3-10275] - Wrong information about sent passwords in FAQ
  • [PHPBB3-10292] - Whitespace inconsistency in acp_ranks
  • [PHPBB3-10293] - Jumpbox allows jumping to invalid forums in prosilver
  • [PHPBB3-10294] - sqlsrv_rows_affected non-functional in MSSQLNative.php
  • [PHPBB3-10296] - incorrect cross join in SQL Server
  • [PHPBB3-10298] - EMBED Tag Not Closed Properly In subSilver2 attachment.html
  • [PHPBB3-10299] - Typo in comment about $max_store_length in truncate_string() (in functions_content.php)
  • [PHPBB3-10303] - send_status_line() doesn't validate user input
  • [PHPBB3-10304] - Bad url in U_ICQ on /ucp_mp_viewmessage.php
  • [PHPBB3-10307] - Return value of $db->sql_fetchrow() on empty tables is not consistent
  • [PHPBB3-10309] - Utf tests download data into temporary locations deep in source tree
  • [PHPBB3-10320] - "Most active topic" can leak topic title of topics in password-protected forums
  • [PHPBB3-10321] - Link to page 1 of the Memberlist has a useless question mark at the end
  • [PHPBB3-10324] - XHTML error in Prosilver - MCP - User Notes
  • [PHPBB3-10339] - Typo in prosilver's mcp_front.html
  • [PHPBB3-10341] - Topic title of "0" does not show as "Most active topic"
  • [PHPBB3-10351] - Invalid syntax for Oracle's sql_column_remove()
  • [PHPBB3-10352] - Missing break for Oracle's sql_table_drop()
  • [PHPBB3-10365] - Moderators can view forbidden information
  • [PHPBB3-10377] - All moderators can change topic type
  • [PHPBB3-10394] - Tests use call-time pass by reference which results in Fatal error on PHP 5.4
  • [PHPBB3-10397] - Pagination code inconsistency
  • [PHPBB3-10400] - '0' (zero) not allowed as forum name
  • [PHPBB3-10413] - Make create_schema_files usable
  • [PHPBB3-10416] - Use dbport in phpbb_database_test_connection_manager::connect()
  • [PHPBB3-10420] - Update startup to account for PHP 5.4
  • [PHPBB3-10421] - Interchanged parameters in includes/acp/acp_users.php
  • [PHPBB3-10422] - Unnecessary <!-- IF --> statement in viewtopic_body.html
  • [PHPBB3-10435] - Topic count mismatch on viewforum
  • [PHPBB3-10437] - Announcements on moderation queue are not hidden
  • [PHPBB3-10446] - Unencoded 8bit characters in email headers
  • [PHPBB3-10452] - XHTML error when printing a PM
  • [PHPBB3-10461] - MCP's recent actions list is empty
  • [PHPBB3-10479] - Remove PostgreSQL version numbers from driver's language string
  • [PHPBB3-10485] - XHTML error in Prosilver - index and viewforum
  • [PHPBB3-10488] - Database updater for 3.0.10-RC1 overwrites config variable email_max_chunk_size without checking for custom value
  • [PHPBB3-10497] - SQL error when guest visits forum with unread topic
  • [PHPBB3-10319] - Missing hidden fields in search form
  • [PHPBB3-10501] - Description of table prefix is wrong
  • [PHPBB3-10502] - CHANGELOG.html has a typo: 'red' should be 'read'.
  • [PHPBB3-10503] - Debug error when previewing edits
  • [PHPBB3-10504] - MCP Layout STILL broken in ProSilver when screen is resized to less 1200 pixels
  • [PHPBB3-10531] - Last remaining style can be uninstalled


  • [PHPBB3-8616] - Add direct link to PM to notification message
  • [PHPBB3-9036] - Forums that can be listed but not read expose forum information
  • [PHPBB3-9297] - Add support for Extended Passive Mode (EPSV) in class ftp_fsock to better support IPv6 connections.
  • [PHPBB3-9307] - Mass email $max_chunk_size
  • [PHPBB3-9361] - Edit account settings - Improved clarification needed
  • [PHPBB3-9778] - Member Search from the Admin Control Panel is not Intuitive
  • [PHPBB3-9898] - Readme needs updating to reflect more opening for patches
  • [PHPBB3-9995] - Unnecessary coding in display_forums() in functions_display.php
  • [PHPBB3-10032] - BBCode Add List Item Control Name Contains Typo
  • [PHPBB3-10074] - Change default value of 'Set as special rank' to No for Add new rank
  • [PHPBB3-10185] - Board startdate not being set
  • [PHPBB3-10189] - Add "automatically generated" comment into schema-files.
  • [PHPBB3-10199] - Performance: viewtopic has a useless join
  • [PHPBB3-10222] - Also build language and styles changes in diff/patch format
  • [PHPBB3-10239] - Add "Are you sure" confirmation to backup restore in ACP
  • [PHPBB3-10243] - Add gmgetdate() wrapper for getdate() which returns dates in UTC.
  • [PHPBB3-10245] - Messenger uses output buffering for error collection, should use error collector instead
  • [PHPBB3-10246] - Remove VCS section from docs/coding-guidelines.html
  • [PHPBB3-10254] - Remove style names from themes and fix some information on it
  • [PHPBB3-10263] - Add phpbb_version_compare() wrapper for version_compare()
  • [PHPBB3-10278] - Improve timeout handling in get_remote_file()
  • [PHPBB3-10315] - Radio Buttons in ACP are clipped in Safari - Fix suggested
  • [PHPBB3-10327] - Use "ALTER TABLE ... ADD INDEX" instead of "CREATE INDEX"
  • [PHPBB3-10334] - Birthday List display not dependent on user privileges
  • [PHPBB3-10335] - Responses to bots should have extra header to be used by reverse proxies
  • [PHPBB3-10346] - Add drop_tables key for database updater
  • [PHPBB3-10354] - When template tests are skipped because cache is not writable, print cache directory path
  • [PHPBB3-10369] - Change error collector to always report errfile and errline
  • [PHPBB3-10370] - Various improvements for get_backtrace()
  • [PHPBB3-10402] - Displaying report texts with linebreaks and clickable links
  • [PHPBB3-10419] - Add mbstring PHP ini parameters checks to ACP
  • [PHPBB3-10430] - Some typos and the like in docs/coding-guidelines.html

New Feature

  • [PHPBB3-8240] - Request: db_tools to have two additional functions, table list and column list


  • [PHPBB3-9689] - Scripts and utilities
  • [PHPBB3-10003] - Resolve db_tools proliferation
  • [PHPBB3-10313] - Include slow unit tests when running build script
  • [PHPBB3-10483] - Test suite does not run with MySQL strict mode
  • [PHPBB3-10486] - Create git shortlog and git diff --stat in build script
  • [PHPBB3-10480] - Automate changelog building

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