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phpBB 3.0.1


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phpBB 3.0.1  Änderung der Registrierung

  • [Change] Validate birthdays (Bug #15004)
  • [Fix] Allow correct avatar caching for CGI installations. (thanks wildbill)
  • [Fix] Fix disabling of word censor, now possible again
  • [Fix] Allow single quotes in db password to be stored within config.php in installer
  • [Fix] Correctly quote db password for re-display in installer (Bug #16695 / thanks to m313 for reporting too - #s17235)
  • [Fix] Correctly handle empty imageset entries (Bug #16865)
  • [Fix] Correctly check empty subjects/messages (Bug #17915)
  • [Change] Do not check usernames against word censor list. Disallowed usernames is already checked and word censor belong to posts. (Bug #17745)
  • [Fix] Additionally include non-postable forums for moderators forums shown within the teams list. (Bug #17265)
  • [Change] Sped up viewforum considerably (also goes towards mcp_forum)
  • [Fix] Do not split topic list for topics being promoted to announcements after been moved to another forum (Bug #18635)
  • [Fix] Allow editing usernames within database_update on username cleanup (Bug #18415)
  • [Fix] Fixing wrong sync() calls if moving all posts by a member in ACP (Bug #18385)
  • [Fix] Check entered imagemagick path for trailing slash (Bug #18205)
  • [Fix] Use proper title on index for new/unread posts (Bug #13101) - patch provided by Pyramide
  • [Fix] Allow calls to $user->set_cookie() define no cookie time for setting session cookies (Bug #18025)
  • [Fix] Stricter checks on smilie packs (Bug #19675)
  • [Fix] Gracefully return from cancelling pm drafts (Bug #19675)
  • [Fix] Possible login problems with IE7 if browser check is activated (Bug #20135)
  • [Fix] Fix possible database transaction errors if code returns on error and rollback happened (Bug #17025)
  • [Change] Allow numbers in permission names for modifications, as well as uppercase letters for the request_ part (Bug #20125)
  • [Fix] Use HTTP_HOST in favor of SERVER_NAME for determining server url for redirection and installation (Bug #19955)
  • [Fix] Removing s_watching_img from watch_topic_forum() function (Bug #20445)
  • [Fix] Changing order for post review if more than one post affected (Bug #15249)
  • [Fix] Language typos/fixes (Bug #20425, #15719, #15429, #14669, #13479, #20795, #21095, #21405, #21715, #21725, #21755, #21865, #15689)
  • [Fix] Style/Template fixes (Bug #20065, #19405, #19205, #15028, #14934, #14821, #14752, #14497, #13707, #14738, #19725)
  • [Fix] Tiny code fixes (Bug #20165, #20025, #19795, #14804)
  • [Fix] Prepend phpbb_root_path to ranks path for displaying ranks (Bug #19075)
  • [Fix] Allow forum notifications if topic notifications are disabled but forum notifications enabled (Bug #14765)
  • [Fix] Fixing realpath issues for provider returning the passed value instead of disabling it. This fixes issues with confirm boxes for those hosted on Network Solutions for example. (Bug #20435)
  • [Fix] Try to sort last active date on memberlist correctly at least on current page (Bug #18665)
  • [Fix] Handle generation of form tokens when maximum time is set to -1
  • [Fix] Correctly delete unapproved posts without deleting the topic (Bug #15120)
  • [Fix] Respect signature permissions in posting (Bug #16029)
  • [Fix] Users allowed to resign only from open and freely open groups (Bug #19355)
  • [Fix] Assign a last viewed date to converted topics (Bug #16565)
  • [Fix] Many minor and/or cosmetic fixes (Including, but not limited to: #21315, #18575, #18435, #21215)
  • [Feature] New option to hide the entire list of subforums on listforums
  • [Fix] Custom BBCode {EMAIL}-Token usage (Bug #21155)
  • [Fix] Do not rely on parameter returned by unlink() for verifying cache directory write permission (Bug #19565)
  • [Change] Use correct string for filesize (MiB instead of MB for example)
  • [Change] Remove left join for query used to retrieve already assigned users and groups within permission panel (Bug #20235)
  • [Fix] Correctly return sole whitespaces if used with BBCodes (Bug #19535)
  • [Fix] Quote bbcode parsing adding too much closing tags on special conditions (Bug #20735)
  • [Change] Added sanity checks to various ACP settings
  • [Change] Removed minimum form times
  • [Fix] Check topics_per_page value in acp_forums (Bug #15539)
  • [Fix] Custom profile fields with date type should be timezone independend (Bug #15003)
  • [Fix] Fixing some XHTML errors/warnings within the ACP (Bug #22875)
  • [Fix] Warnings if poll title/options exceed maximum characters per post (Bug #22865)
  • [Fix] Do not allow selecting non-authorized groups within memberlist by adjusting URL (Bug #22805 - patch provided by ToonArmy)
  • [Fix] Correctly specify "close report action" (Bug #22685)
  • [Fix] Display "empty password error" within the login box instead of issuing a general error (Bug #22525)
  • [Fix] Clean up who is online code in page_header (Bug #22715, thanks HighwayofLife)
  • [Fix] Pertain select single link on memberlist (Bug #23235 - patch provided by Schumi)
  • [Fix] Allow & and | in local part of email addresses (Bug #22995)
  • [Fix] Do not error out if php_uname function disabled / Authenticating on SMTP Server (Bug #22235 - patch by HoL)
  • [Fix] Correctly obtain to be ignored users within topic/forum notification (Bug #21795 - patch provided by dr.death)
  • [Fix] Correctly update board statistics for attaching orphaned files to existing posts (Bug #20185)
  • [Fix] Do not detect the board URL as a link twice in posts (Bug #19215)
  • [Fix] Set correct error reporting in style.php to avoid blank pages after CSS changes (Bug #23885)
  • [Fix] If pruning users based on last activity, do not include users never logged in before (Bug #18105)
  • [Sec] Only allow searching by email address in memberlist for users having the a_user permission (reported by evil<3)
  • [Sec] Limit private message attachments to be viewable only by the recipient(s)/sender (Report #s23535) - reported by AlleyKat
  • [Sec] Check for non-empty config.php within style.php (Report #s24575) - reported by bantu
  • [Fix] Find and display colliding usernames correctly when converting from one database to another (Bug #23925)

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