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Password Safe 3.23


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Password Safe 3.23  Änderung der Registrierung

* New Features
- [3022827] Implement 'stealth' mode where, as long as the user specifies both the use of the System Tray and a valid Hot Key, then the System Tray icon and the button on the Taskbar can be hidden.
- [3017535] Allow user to edit the generated passwords (Manage?Generate Password) before copying to the clipboard.
- [3011546] "autotype" can now be added to the List View via the Column Picker (right click on column labels).

* Changes to Existing Features
- [3026944] Confirm on Delete option has been re-instated.

* Bugs fixed
- [3029576] Ensure user specified backup directory ends with a slash.
- [3028926] Entries modified via Synchronize are now displayed correctly if the user checks the preference "Highlight changed entries" via Options->Display.
- [3016803] No longer crashes when trying to view a base entry with similarly named aliases.
- [3013199] PasswordSafe no longer hangs when trying to read preferences stored in registry by older versions.
- [3011972] By adding more checking when creating the menus for Recent Entries off the System Tray menu, prevent crashing when clicking on the icon.
- [3010926] Can now set a non-recurring expiry date using the calendar during Add/Edit.
- [3011972][3013981][3010541] Fixed crash when locked and the user right-clicks the System Tray icon.
- [3009130] Changes to an entry's password policy are now saved upon OK or Apply.
- [3008203] The password expiration date is now automatically updated when a "recurring" password expiration is set and the password is changed.
- [3006125] Selected entry/group before database is locked or minimized, including when Windows goes into Standby/Hibernate is now re-selected when the database is later displayed.
- [3006069] Autotype now works correctly when the user specifies that PasswordSafe should minimize after Autotype and has also set that the database should be locked on minimize.
- [2957038] Cursor no longer disappears when PasswordSafe thinks that the user is dragging an entry but then doesn't.
- [n/a] The Save Toolbar button and the Save menu item are now correctly enabled if the user changes preferences saved in the database.

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